Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to tackle 3 Common Bell TV Error Codes

The 3 most common Bell TV (satellite) error codes that our ICT North technicians hear about are:

Error  Code 001  
Means: There is a problem with a multi-dish switch
Solution:  Run a Check Switch
How:  Press Menu, 6,1,1 Select Check Switch.
If this does not clear the problem ensure there are no loose cables, run it again.

Error Code 002
Means:   Bell TV satellite signal lost
Solution: Wait for the bad weather to end.  Remove snow or ice build up off the satellite dish.
If the weather is clear, check for loose cables then Run a Check Switch.

Error Code 005
Means: Loose cable, satellite dish has moved or is obscured,
satellite receiver not connected, satellite receiver not yet authorized,

1. Check cable connections are not loose or dry and that there are no breaks in the cable.
Tighten connections and or replace the cabling. Via the remote press Menu 6,1,1 the bottom bar 
on this screen shows signal strength, the longer the green bar the better the signal strength.
The word Locked should also appear under the bar to indicated that the satellite has been successfully located.    Run a Check Switch. 

2. Make sure dish is secure and has a clear line of sight to the Bell TV satellite.
Via the remote press Menu 6,1,1 if the bottom bar on the Point Dish screen is red
Call a Bell representative to request a service call so the dish can be re aimed and secured.
Remove the obstruction (tree growth etc)

3. Ensure the satellite receiver is connected correctly and has been authorized.
Sometimes is can be as simple as making sure that connections to the receiver are not loose, that the correct output has been selected on your tv model  and that the power cord is plugged in.  
If you have requested authorization is can take a while, authorization is complete when the on screen message is removed.

If these errors do not resolve  Call 1-888-759-3473  (1-888-SKY-DISH) 
to speak to a call centre representative.

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