Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Channel on Bell TV, November 2013

This month EQHD on Bell TV  - Satellite Channel 1629 and Fibe TV Channel 1663
has been rebranded the Smithsonian channel (SMITH).  

The channel will can be watched as a free preview until 15th January 2014.

Additional Free Preview Channels, November 2013 on Bell TV

In addition to these free preview channels Bell TV have available to subscribers these channels through November 2013:

Filipino TV
Satellite Channel 724
Fibe TV Channel 860
Ends 24th November 2013

GMA Pinoy TV
Satellite Channel 723
Fibe TV Channel 857
Ends 24th November 2013

Fibe TV Channel 856
Ends 24th November 2013

Satellite Channel 1623
Ends 15th January 2014

Oasis HD
Satellite Channel 1625
Ends 15th January 2014

Rad X
Satellite Channel 1627
Ends 15th January 2014

Smithosian Channel
Satellite Channel 1629
Fibe TV Channel 1663
Ends 15th January 2014

The Filipino Channel
Fibe TV Channel 859
Ends 24th November 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Music and Yuletide Fire Channels - Bell TV 2013

Bell TV - Christmas Music and Yuletide Fire Channels

The 2013 Fireplace with the crackling logs and music channels are:

  • Yuletide Fireplace on Bell TV (Satellite)
  • Channel 285 FIRE and 1060 FIREH in HD, English Audio,
  • Channel 146 FOYER and 1840 FOYERH in HD, French Audio

Friday, November 1, 2013

Free Channels Bell TV-FibeTV November 2013

November 2013 Bell And Fibe TV channels on free preview are :

EVA HD - Satellite Channel 1864
Ends 3rd November 2013

Cottage Life
Satellite Channel COTT 641
and COTTG 1730 in HD
Fibe TV Channel COTT 641
and COTTG 1641 in HD
Ends 4th November 2013

SBRH - Satellite Channel 1442
Buffalo Sabres Package - 2013-2014 Season coverage
Free For subscribers in Niagara Region, Stoney Creek and Dunville

DOCU Satellite Channel 336
DOCHD Satellite Channel 1310
Fibe TV Channel 336
Ends 29th November 2013