Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New On Screen Programming Guide - Bell TV

When the 6400 Model Receiver was launched Bell TV subscribers got their first glimpse of the new onscreen programming guide.  Older model HD (with external PVR) and HD PVR receivers have been gradually updated with the new guide.  This process began in November 2012 and is still on going, see channel 794 NEWUI or read more on Bell's website

The new Bell TV guide is easier to read and has improved access to described video.
In addition recording capacity is being doubled.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Channels - Bell TV - 23rd May 2013 (Speed and CTV Edmonton)

With effect 23 May 2013 these channels have been added to Bell TV

SPDHD - Speed HD (Sports)
Satellite Channel 1413

CTVEH - CTV Edmonton HD
Satellite Channel 1121

These Channels have been renamed:

Canal D: CAN-D (Satellite Channel 129) now D
Canal View: CAN-V (Satellite Channel 135)  now VIE
MusiMax: MUSMX (Satellite Channel 142) now MX
MusiquePlus: MSQPL (Satellite Channel 141) now MP
MusiquePlus HD: MQPLH (Satellite Channel 1876) now MP HD
Series Plus: SERIE (Satellitee Channel 132) now S+

Bell TV Free preview Fairchild2 channel

FAIR2 - Fairchild 2 (Cantonese)
Satellite Channel 721 
Ends June 17th 2013

Free preview for Bell TV subscribers 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free channels Bell TV - Fibe TV May 2013

The Israeli Channel
Fibe TV channel 897
Until May 15th 2013

Satellite TV channel 607
Until May 31st 2013

Explora HD
Satellite Channel 1845
Fibe TV channels 126 and 1126
Ends June 30th 2013