Sunday, January 30, 2011

Internet Usage about bandwidth

Bandwidth  -  "The capacity for data transfer"

The bandwidth limit is based on the amount of data transfer that the average internet user uses over a given period of time (month).  Users select an internet plan, with a limit that they think will be suitable, for the purpose which they are using their computer.   Because no two users will use their computer identically the limits vary some may allocate a greater portion of the bandwidth to music download others to online gaming.

At ICT North we are always being asked about bandwidth. When surfing, checking email, watching videos or movies, playing online games, downloading music or uploading photos to the internet with a computer it is easy to exceed bandwidth guideline limits.  

Once the guideline limit is exceeded additional charges are applied so monitoring usage makes sense.

Things that affect bandwidth :
  • Surfing  - visiting web sites, web pages or forums, reading online news, searching. 
  • Chatting - via messsage boards or specific chat programs.
  • Email functions - sending and receiving mail.
  • File sharing - downloading or uploading: torrents, music, photos, videos
  • Online Activities - streaming audio (listening to the radio etc.,) watching videos, movies, live broadcasts
  • Interactive Activities - playing games online via the computer or gaming console.
  • VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol eg Skype phone calls over the internet.
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol: uploading and downloading of files to and from an external server.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bell Smart Phone Care Plan

A smartphone is attractive to robbers -  they are easy to conceal,  highly portable and once the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) has been replaced and the phone unlocked it can be set up as "new" with a different carrier. 

Safeguard your investment by taking out a Bell  Smart Phone Care Plan  The Premium Plan covers, defects, accidental damage, power surge, theft or loss and normal wear and tear.  It does not cover batteries, chargers or SIM Cards.  A deductible ($150) also applies but the plan will allows up to two replacements per policy per annum - which is better than having to purchase the smart phone at full price. The Premium Plan currently costs $7.00 per month.

If your Bell Mobility mobile phone is stolen report the theft to the police and also report it to Bell who have a policy of not reactivating a customer's stolen phone.

      After purchasing a Bell Smart Phone mobile phone, it is recommended that purchasers
     make a note of the phones serial number and keep it somewhere safe.  This will greatly help
     the police with phone identification and return to the owner,if it is recovered.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bell TV Receiver Error - satellite signal lost

Occasionally this error, Your satellite signal is temporarily unavailable, may appear on your screen.

Error 002 is often due to bad weather and no action needs to be taken.  The signal will come back and your satellite tv program will be restored, once the weather condition has cleared.

Weather conditions that can effect satellite signals include - heavy cloud, thunderstorms, wet-snow, build up of wet snow on the satellite dish and freezing rain.

If the satellite signal is lost but the weather is fine, the loss may be due to a loose connections, cable damage or a splitter.

NOTE - a direct connection is necessary from the satellite dish to the Bell TV receiver.  
Splitters should be removed and new cable run.

image credit

Top 3 Bell TV Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Futuristic Cell Phones

Want to know what the future holds for cell and mobile phone designs.  Showcased here - - are their top ten choice of Futuristic Cell Phones.

Mobile Script Cell Phone Concept

Concepts for cell phones include :

  1. Weather 
  2. Mobile Script 
  3. Projector 
  4. Alarm Clock 
  5. Pen 
  6. Edge 
  7. Grass 
  8. Mechanical
  9. Flexible
  10. Ear
Beautiful, clean lines and wow.

 Creative Commons Attribution
With thanks to Aleksander Mukomelov
as featured on Industrial Design

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ring Tones for your Mobile Phone

Tired of the ring tones supplied with your mobile phone.  have many alternative ones for download.  Funny, serious or musical ring tones for your mobile phone. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mobility Phone Cases and Accessories

After you have made an investment in a mobile phone it makes sense to protect the phone with a case.

Cases can be leather, gel, plastic.  Also it is worthwhile purchasing clear screen covers to help prevent the display from being scratched and additional charges.

Mobile Phone Accessories 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Music Download via the Bell Internet

Bell currently have two options for downloading music 

Monthly subscription service - All Access Music*  and 
Individual Track or Album Service - InMusic MP3 Store** 

Both offer a thousands of songs in many different musical styles

*Prices  $14/month or $130/year
Special pricing for Bell Internet customers: $10/month or $90/year

**Prices start from 79¢  (per track)  or  $9.99 Album

(as at 16th january 2011)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Text Messaging a Bell Mobility Cell Phone

Every wondered how to send text message to a Bell Mobility cell phone user. The answers easy
Bell Mobility Online Text Message Sender.  Just fill in the fields, enter the validation code and click send.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Texting Dictionary

Texting  using SMS  (Short Message Service) via your mobile phone or online can be confusing for new users.  Because users may be paying for text time, have limited screen visibility or find typing on the small keyborad and touch screens difficult,  it is important to keep messages short. Text messages contain many abbreviations.

The SMS Dictionary has the most frequently used ones listed. Text message can even be translated into other languages using this SMS Translator

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bump for iPhone or Android

Bump is an easy way to share photos, music, contacts, calendar events, text messages, and connect on social networks.  To use this app both smart phones need to have the app active - then simply bump them together to transfer data. iPhones and iPads can get Bump via iTunes Apps store, Android users can get the app through Android Market.

Visit Bump 

Image credit to Bump Technologies Inc

Family HD and YTV HD now on Bell TV (satellite)

Bell TV launched two more High Definition channels today:

Family HD  Channel 1642

YTV HD Channel 1646

Monday, January 10, 2011

CES 2011 - 5 Top Trends

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011, which was held in Las Vegas, is a showcase for the manufacturers to announce, display and demonstrate the latest in electronics.  Some products were distributed prior to the show for testing, some products are still being assembled and some products already have been surpassed.  Our pick for Top Five Trends for 2011 :

1. Pads, Readers, Palms and Tablets
This market is growing, competition is fierce - useful apps, processing speed and media functions will determine the winner.  Multi functionality is one consumer demand manufactures dare not ignore. Ahead of the pack at CES 2011 - BlackBerry Playbook.  Loaded with business apps it is sure to be a success with business managers and office workers in companies of all sizes.  Dual Core processors provide ample multi function capacity. The BlackBerry Playbook also displays flash and runs full desktop versions of programs.

2. Smart Phones for Gamers
Many mobile phones have touch screen controls, so taking a cue from the PS3 Phone (the Sony Playstation Phone) expect to see slide out game controls in place of slide out alpha numeric key pads.

3.  Mini Projectors
In response to consumer demands that their smartphone do more, both RIM and Apple are offering mini projectors. Speculation strongly suggests that  iPhone5 will include a Pico  projector. The Rim BlackBerry Presenter is to be offered as an accessory for BlackBerry smart phones, using Bluetooth technology once connected to a monitor or projector.  Of course stand alone mini projectors are being developed by other companies too.

4. Wireless Charging Pads
No more jumbled up wires or cords. Put the electronic device (mobile phone, smartphone, camera, gaming controller, mp3 player, pad or e-reader) on to the battery charging mat, pad or charger zone.  WildCharge (UK and Europe only at present) and Powermat both use device specific sleeves. CES 2011 saw the debut of the ElectroHub which requires a special battery to be used in place of the devices own.

5. 3D and Multi Media
Imagine your TV displaying 3D images, now image it using 2D input and converting it to 3D output, then add the capabilitiy to download apps.  ON a smaller scale the new Sony Vaio F series laptop converts 2D to 3D on the fly too.  Gamers haven't been left behind either - Nintendo 3DS renders 3D without the need for special glasses.

Also worth noting:
Coming soon to your remote control a Netflix button.
LG have incorporated their Pen Touch technology into Plasma TVs and business boards.

LG Pen Touch Multi Board

Friday, January 7, 2011

20 Things lost over the last decade

More reliance on gadgets has left a lot of commonplace items and ways of doing things behind.
The Huffington Post showcase the most obvious ones - VHS tapes and VCRs,  Cameras that use film, Home phones.  To see the rest click   Obsolete Things 2000 - 2010

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Apple Apps Store launched for Mac

Today Apple launched the Mac App Store, if your Mac runs Mac OS X Snow Leopard the store can be installed as a software update (iTunes) on your computer.  

Apps are available, via the iTunes interface and can be downloaded, re downloaded and installed directly from there.  Access iTunes using your iTunes password then search for Apps by price, category, utility, newest and so on.  Application prices vary, some are free. A brief description of the App and reviews, where available, are also shown.   

A record of the Apps downloaded is maintained by the App Store. This allows Apps to be re downloaded since you already own them, which is useful if you own several Apple products.

Apple already have Apps for iPhone and iPad accessible via iTunes.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The first cell phone conversation

The first words spoken via the telephone were said by Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. On March 10, 1876, he made a phone call to his assistant, Thomas Watson and said  "Mr. Watson come here I want to see you." 

Ever wondered what was said in the first cell phone conversation :

The first handheld cell phone call was made by Martin Cooper (Motorola) on the 3rd April 1973 to Dr Joel Engel (Bell Labs).  The cell phone cost $3,995 and weighed two pounds, leading to the nickname "the brick". Owning a cell phone was the ultimate status symbol, it took 10 years for the cell phone to be accepted as a business tool.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Although 3D is not a new idea it is now possible to buy 3D capable television sets.  Bell TV are broadcasting some movies in 3D and throughout January and February 2011every Tuesday after 6pm.

To view the programs you need a 3D TV, 3D glasses and a MPEG4 receiver (HD PVR Plus  - Model 9241 or 9242).

Currently channels  1933 Bell Satellite TV or 1208 Bell Fibe TV (3D-Vu) both showcase 3D programming.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moving Bell TV to/from a Condo or Apartment

If the Condo you are moving to has Bell TV you will need to cancel your existing service and then order Bell TV for Condos.  Moving from a Condo to a house - cancel your existing service then order Bell TV. Let Bell know at least three weeks in advance :
  1. Your Account number (For Bell Satellite TV)
  2. Your new address* and your new postal code 
  3. Your Moving date. (The account holder or an authorised adult  should be at the new house all day on the moving date) 
  4. An alternate phone number where we can reach you during the move (e.g. mobile phone)
  5. Type of programing you need at your new address - standard, high definition and/or international programming.
At a condo - the Bell installer will check the wiring and install a modem and one receiver  free of charge.
At a house - the Bell installer will install a satellite tv dish and one receiver free of charge.

*Rural Routes (RR) and Postal Boxes are not acceptable 
Terms and conditions apply. Full details - Moving Bell TV to or from a condo

Moving to a New House