Monday, April 30, 2012

Is DNS Changer Malware hidden in your computer

If you suspect that DNS Malware is hidden in your computer, first check that this is the case by visiting, then take steps to remove the malware.

DNS Changer Malware instructs your computer to go to a web server that is not the one provided by your internet provider, making it possible for operators to access all the data you enter online and see where you have been whilst on the internet.  The data can then be used to gain access to offline accounts, open new accounts and misuse your credit cards.

It is in the account holders interest, therefore,  to remove the malware.
Bell internet customers can learn how to remove DNS Changer Malware here.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Mac App Store exceeds 10,000 Apps

Since the launch of the Mac App Store on the 6th January 2011 the number of available Apps has steadily grown each month.  At inception the App Store had 1,000 Apps available for download today there are over 10,000.  The App store has 21 categories plus featured, new, staff favourite, top free and top paid. Apps are available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Visit the Apple App Store

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Google Drive Features

Google Drive is available for PC, Mac and Android devices.  It will soon be available for iPhone and the iPad.  Google Drive accounts start with 5GB of free drive space, extra space is available  at a cost of $2.49 per month for 25 GB or $4.99 a month for 100 GB of drive 
space.  Other features :
  • Create, collaborate, comment and share documents instantly.
  • Each save creates a new revision of the file.  Saves will be kept for 30 days.
  • Assign permissions (edit, view, comment) to files and folders in your drive space.
  • Direct link to documents in Google Drive.
  • Or use the easy access and sharing within Google+ Circles.
  • Open files in your browser (over 30 file types are supported) including files within Apps.
  • Powerful search function, text in scanned documents and objects in images recognition.  

Learn More:
Google Drive for Personal Use
Google Drive for Business

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE, Bell to be exclusive Canadian carrier

The latest superphone  Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE featuring dual-core processing and 4G LTE network speeds and an HD display,  is to be carried exclusively by Canadian service provider Bell.   The superphone will also include :

  • Fast network access; 4G LTE, HSPA+ 42 Mbps, EDGE/GPRS quad band
  • Best in class display: 4.65" (118mm) HD Super AMOLEDscreen, optimized HD interface, and HD content support
  • Powerful performance: 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 4G LTE download speeds, 1850mAH Li-ion battery, Android 2.3 OS, WiFi and Bluetooth capable
  • Form factor: 9.27mm thin
  • Memory: 1GB RAM; 16GB (eMMC); micro SD slot (up to 32 GB)
  • Camera: 8 MP AF rear camera; full HD 1080p video recording;  2 MP front camera
  • Browser: Android Browser: HTML 5.0
The Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE will be available exclusively from Bell in coming weeks.
For more information and to pre-register, please visit
Source:  Bell to be exclusive Canadian carrier of the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE Superphone

See the unveiling of the Samsung Mobile 2012 Unpacked - 3rd May 2012 - Earls Court, London, UK.

Samsung Unpacked 2012 Live Stream

Featuring Samsung Galaxy S III

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day Viewing 22 April 2012 - Bell TV

Earth Day 22nd April 2012 is being celebrated on the day, before the day, after the day and even all month long.  If you will be in Ontario here are some Earth Day Events that you can enjoy with friends and family.

ICT Norths five HD environmentally aware programs,
airing on Bell TV on Earth Day:

  1. Drain The Ocean - DWHD Channel 1601 at 2.30pm
  2. Powering The Planet - PBSHW Channel 1214 at 7pm
  3. Frozen Planet - DISCH Channel 1602 at 7pm
  4. Earth Under Water - GEOHD Channel 1609 at 8pm
  5. Six Degrees Could Change The World -   GEOHD Channel 1609 at 10pm

Earth Day Family Movie on Bell TV
Luna: Spirit of the Whale - on these CTV channels :

Earth Day TV - Credit - Idea Go
1011 CTVHH  at 2pm
1031 CTVMH at 3pm
1051 CTVHT  at 3pm
1091 CTVWH at 4pm
1106 CTVRH  at 5pm
1131 CTVHC  at 5pm
1151 CTVHV  at 6pm

Photo CreditImage:Idea Go/

Monday, April 16, 2012

Google Drive may launch next week

5GB Free online Storage with Google Drive

The Next Web (TNW) article google-drive-detailed-5-gb-for-free-launching-next-week-for-mac-windows-android-and-ios by Brad McCarty received a draft release about Google Drive the service that has been rumoured for a long time as coming soon.

Google Drive is a cloud service for file storage, synchronization and sharing.  Word out is that accounts will be initially allocated 5GB of free storage, with the option to purchase more,  which is 3GB more than currently on offer with a Dropbox account, but the same amount that iCloud offers to none MobileMe account holders.   Google Drive will be available for Mac, Windows, Android and ios users.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apple - 36 years and still going strong

Stumbled across this video on You Tube - The History of Apple in under 10 minutes. So get comfy and when you're ready click play.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Am I already going to record that on my PVR

Bell TV (satellite) PVR Model Receivers (5100, 5200, 2900, 9200, 9241, 9242) can be set to record programs using the PVR, Create TImer for New Episodes option.  The downside is you may not know you have a recording scheduled and you may be wondering "Am I already going to record that on my PVR?"

The Daily Schedule Page displays a list of programmes that are scheduled for recording within an 8 day period, The usefulness of this information becomes apparent when multiple people want to record tv shows and avoid recording conflicts.

The conventional route to the Daily Schedule screen, via your remote :
  • Press the PVR button
  • Select Schedule from the right hand column 

  • OUR TIP -  Press the PVR button twice
If you have an iPhone and want to schedule program recording on your PVR when you're away from home no problem use the
Bell PVR iPhone App

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Telling the Time is as easy as reading

QLOCKTWO  by Biegert & Funk at Baselworld is scheduled to be available in Autumn 2012.  Original watch faces with hands and numerals have been labeled confusing by a generation who grew up reading led digits.

The youth of today look at their cell phones to check what time it is.  No more the QLOCKTWO  watch displays the current time in words.   A total of 110 letters are contained in a 35 x 35 x 7 mm square, which, when the button is pressed illuminate the words.  Elegant, we think so

Other timepieces by Biegert & Funk :

Read Full Press Release

The Time in Words
for iPhone, iPad

Photo Credit: QLOCKTWO®

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bell 2009-2012 Timeline relevant to ICT North

Bell Timeline 2009 - 2012 of events relevant to ICT North
Nimiq 6 scheduled for launch 17th May 2012

Update October 2012:
HD PVR Plus Receiver (9400 Model) scheduled for launch November/December 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2

Did you miss the start of Season two of Game of Thrones on Bell TV.  Not to worry HBO Game of Thrones Episode Guide will soon have you caught up with the action, new players and alliances.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bell TV April 2012 Free Preview Channels

Satellite Channel 578
Until 10th April 2012

Satellite Channel 864 Standard Definition
Satellite Channel 1835 High Definition
Fibe TV  Channel145 Standard Definition
Fibe TV Channel 1145 High Definition
Until 29th April 2012

Silver Screen Classics  (SLVSC)
Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 337
Until 30th April 2012

Satellite channel 579
Until 30th April 2012

Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 514
Until 30th April 2012

Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 601
Until 30th April 2012

National Geographic - GEO
Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 524
Satellite HD Channel 1609 - GEOHD
(Fibe TV 1524 High Definition)
Until 30th April 2012

Satellite Disney XD HD 
Channel 1648
Ends 31 May 2012

ABS CP (ABC Spark and ABC Spark HD)
Satellite Channel 560 and 1650 in High Definition.
Fibe TV Channel 564 and 1564 in High Definition.
Free preview in effect until June 30th 2012

Get Bell TV Free Preview Information each month

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