Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bell TV April 2012 Free Preview Channels

Satellite Channel 578
Until 10th April 2012

Satellite Channel 864 Standard Definition
Satellite Channel 1835 High Definition
Fibe TV  Channel145 Standard Definition
Fibe TV Channel 1145 High Definition
Until 29th April 2012

Silver Screen Classics  (SLVSC)
Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 337
Until 30th April 2012

Satellite channel 579
Until 30th April 2012

Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 514
Until 30th April 2012

Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 601
Until 30th April 2012

National Geographic - GEO
Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 524
Satellite HD Channel 1609 - GEOHD
(Fibe TV 1524 High Definition)
Until 30th April 2012

Satellite Disney XD HD 
Channel 1648
Ends 31 May 2012

ABS CP (ABC Spark and ABC Spark HD)
Satellite Channel 560 and 1650 in High Definition.
Fibe TV Channel 564 and 1564 in High Definition.
Free preview in effect until June 30th 2012

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