Friday, December 30, 2011

Samoa and Tokelau fast forward to 2012

On this day, 30 December 2011, nothing happened in Samoa and Tokelau.  This is the day both countries will lose a 24 hours by going directly from the 29th to the 31 December 2011.  

The leap forward is expected to improve trade with New Zealand and Australia. The change of time zone is a result of moving of the position of their International Dateline, east, to 171 degrees longitude west of Greenwich. Essentially fast forwarding Samoa and Tokelau to 2012 one day early.

Future generations will no doubt find it strange to have a day with no births, deaths, marriage or news events.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sharp EL-6050 Electronic Organizer - credit card size organizer (1995)

The Sharp EL-6050 Electronic Organizer, 1995, credit card size organizer easily fitted neatly into your pockets, which probably explains it's demise.  It was too easy to sit on it or misplace it.

It's small size (108mm x 68mm x 7.6mm) ease of use and light weight (50g) coupled with calculating power, name and phone number storage appealed to non computer/pda owners.

The electronic organizer was powered by
one CR2016;1 Lithium battery which could run for approximately 2000 hours but was set to auto power off after 7 minutes of inactivity.

Memory capacity in the Sharp EL-6050 was only 863 bytes which was sufficient for a two line 12 digit display.   In telephone mode the name field allowed a maximum of 36 characters and up to 60 digits to be input a whole 5 lines (12 digits per line) of information which at the time was impressive.

The Sharp El-6050 was a step from the Tele-Art PD-100 which was sold under generic names in the UK (1987/1988)  had no buttons but was very easy to operate.

The Raspberry Pi which is also credit card size is the latest (2011/2012) in micro computing.

Photo Credits:
Old Organizers Collection EL-6050
Old Organizer Collection Tele-Art PD-100

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

$25 Raspberry Pi Computer available January 2012

Raspberry Pi the credit card sized Linux based Computers will be available in January 2012

Model B - $35 - 256 MB Ram with 10/100 wired Ethernet
Model A - $25 - 128 MB Ram, No Ethernet 
(WiFi via USB  dongle)

The exact release date has not yet been confirmed, however, you can sign up for a notification email.
Join the Raspberry Pi Mailing List.

The 45g computer has a Linux based operating system which receives power via a 5volt micro USB but can also be powered with 4 x AA batteries.  Features include:
    • RCA Video
    • 3.5mm Audio Jack
    • USB 2 slot 
    • HDMI 
    • SD Card slot
    • Ethernet (model B only)
    • 85.60mm x 53.98mm x 17mm approx

The computer like the Mac Mini is soley a computer with no external devices.
To use connect the Raspberry Pi to an analog, digital TVor DVI monitor then via a USB hub add a keyboard, mouse, external storage, network device, WiFi Dongle, speakers etc.

Source and More Information:  Faqs about Raspberrry Pi

UPDATE - 3 June 2013 & 4 June 2013 :
Need help setting up your Raspberry Pi - New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS) makes it a whole lot easier.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prevent signal loss to your satellite dish

Tips:  To prevent signal lost error  on your system, we advise to prevent signal loss on your Bell TV satellite dish is snowy weather, before the snow comes clean the dish then do one of the following :

    1. Spray the dish with cooking oil
    2. Cover the dish with a black garbage bin bag
    3. Install a dish heater

Monday, December 26, 2011

Free Movie - Kung Fu Panda2 on Bell TV, Fibe TV

Happy Holidays - Complimentary Free Movie -  Watch Kung Fu Panda2TM  on Bell Tv, Fibe TV or
On Demand :

    • Bell TV - Channel 316 (High Definition) or 355 (Standard Definition)
    • Fibe TV - Channel  990 (High Definition) or 992 (Standard Definition) 
    • On Demand -  Press the Video on Demand button, navigate to select the movie

When 27th December 2012  to 15th January 2012

Friday, December 23, 2011

LogMeIn Free App for iPhone, iPad now Free

LogMeIn have released a  mobile  LogMeIn Free  App at no cost  for IPad and iPhone users  (previously $29.99)

Log in to your computer (Windows or Mac) remotely, view and access your files any time from where you are (subject to WiFi  or 3Gconnection)

Or you can download and install LogMeIn Pro ($39.99) if you need cloud storage, and file management capabilities.

Read full LogMeIn Press Release
Images Credit:  LogMeIn Media Resources

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 10 iPhone Apps 2011

ICT North's Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2011 :

    1. Angry Birds - Game
    2. Paypal - Pay for goods online
    3. Bump - Exchange contact details with others
    4. Yelp - Reviews of restaurants and stores in your area
    5. Spotify - Streaming Music  service
    6. Sound Tracking - Identify the track that's playing
    7. Camera+ - High quality shots and photo editing
    8. Garmin Street Pilot on demand - Find your way around town
    9. Kindle - Read books old and new
    10. Twitter - Tweet about what you're doing

Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to modify the Favorite Channels List - Bell Fibe TV

Bell Fibe TV Tip - Change your Favorite Channels List
  1. Via the remote control Press the Menu
  2. Select  Settings via left right arrows 
  3. Select Television via up down arrows
  4. Press the up down arrows then select Set up Favourite Channels.
  5.  Use the arrow button to navigate.
       Add additional channels by selecting them. 

       A check mark will appear to show the channel is now included..
  6. Use the arrow button to navigate.
       Remove  channels by selecting them.
       The check mark will disappear to show the channel is not included..
  7. To save your favourites list, use the arrows to select Save and then press Select

Bell TV Tip - Create a Favorites Channels List, ICT North tell you how

Top Tips - Create a Bell TV Favorites Channels List

ICT North recommend that Bell customers create a favorites list using the Bell TV Electronic Progamming Guide.  This will save time when looking for something to watch and help parents to oversee their childrens viewing options.  It is also helpful to guests and visitors who may not be familiar with Bell TV channels numbers.

To create a Favorites List on your Bell TV satellite receiver:
  • Turn on the satellite receiver and your TV.
  • Press Menu.
  • Highlight and Select Favorites Option.
  • Using the arrow keys select the Favorites List.
  • Now Select  - Modify List. 
  • Press Select, then press Select again.
  • The Channel List should now be visible. Highlight the channel you want and Select it. Repeat for each channel you want in your list. 
  • When you have chosen all the channels you want in your list, Select Save
  • Now choose Edit Name and you will be able to give your list a title. 
Popular favorite lists  : 
All Sub (only see details for channels that you subscribe to).
All HD (useful for HD and HD PVR receiver owners  - making it easier to see what's on in HD).
Individual Persons Name - Shows, dramas and programming that is of interest to that person or for a particular age group - children, teens, elder family members, individual sports, ethnic programming etc).

To display the Favorite Channels lists when watching TV,  
Press the GUIDE button on your remote until your list appears.

Image Credit:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

ICT North, Holiday 2011 Tech Gift ideas

ICT North, 2011 Holiday Gift Ideas - Five ideas for technology users in your life.
  1. Smart phones and tablets  
  2. Charging Stations
  3. Instant print Cameras
  4. eReaders
  5. Headphones

iPhone 4 -  Multi touch display, 5MP Camera, Video and Audio playback.
iPhone 4S - Dual core A5 chiop,  iCloud, IOS 5 and a 8MP Camera and Optics.
BlackBerry® Curve 9300 - POP3 email.  Text, picture and video messaging.

IPad, iPad2 - Whichever model you choose an IPad with it's slim lines and long battery life is still a top must have.

Powermat - wireless recharging station

Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera - Share photos easily with family and friends.  The 3 x 4 inch photos can be date stamped or have borders added.  Best of all no ink means no smudges or mess while you create instant memories with your friends.

eBooks and eReaders - Kindle Fire, Kobo, Hi Step HD Mutlitmedia ereaderSony WI Fi eReader

Headphone Photo Credit:  Image:
iPhone Photo Credit:  ICT North Website

Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Preview - Bell TV, Holllywood Movie Channels

Bell TV Free Preview - Four Hollywood Movie Channels until Feb 19th 2012

  • WBF HD satellite channel 1270,  Fibe TV Channel 1315
  • MGMHD satellite channel 1271,  Fibe TV Channel 1316
  • HSRMH   satellite channel 1272,  Fibe TV Channel 1317 
  • HFSVH    satellite channel 1273,  Fibe TV Channel 1318
After the 19 February 2012 these channels will be $10 a month or $5 extra a month if you already have the premium movie package.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

2000 - 2010, 10 years of Technology Holiday Gifts

Still thinking about what to give, here's 10 years of Technology must have gifts that were given between 2000 - 2010 Holiday Season

2000 - Pdas,(personal digital assistants - RIm 850).   Rio mp3 players, Computer Speakers, USB Thumb drives, iMac G3 Computer.

 2001 - SMS (short messaging services) was introduced. Headsets and ear buds for mobile phones, Handspring Treo smart phone (pds and phone combined into one).  Flat panel computer Monitors, Flat Screen LCD TV's (20 inch.).  iPod - "1,000 songs in your pocket" portable minidisk cd players.  Microsoft XBox. Bell ExpressVu 5100 PVR (Personal Video Recorder).

2002 - Bell Mobility launched, flip, swivel or sliding keyboard Mobile Phone with camera and internet connection were now available to customers.  Hot buy -  BlackBerry 5810 with thumb controls,  Sanyo cell phones.  Surround sound speakers and wireless computer routers, Windows compatible iPod, Nintendo Game Cube. Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera.

2003 - Bell TV Dual Tuner Digital Receiver.  Portable DVD players. Handheld video  cameras, BlackBerry 7230 smartphone. Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner

2004 -  Bell TV 6100 High Definition TV receiver.  Digital Sony Viao S260 Notebook.  Wide Screen TVs. Motorola Razr, iPod Mini, Samsung, Sanyo. LG and Nokia cell phones. USB Flash Drives. 

2005 - iPod Shuffle, BlackBerry mobile phone.  With a 100 song limit - Motororola Rokr incorporating iTunes, Sony VAIO Fj Notebook, wide screen laptops.  Sirius Satellite Radio. X Box 360 .
Handheld games Playstation  Portable and Nintento DS console.
Home Theaters - projectors and surround sound. 

2006 - Mini Camcorders, BlackBerry Pearl, Cell phones including email capabilities with built in camera and audio/video player.  Nintendo Wii.
In car DVD players. 

2007 - High Definition Plasma or LCD TVs, Sony Playstation3, Wii Fit, iPhone, iPod Touch, Canon EOS 400D aka the Canon Digital Rebel  XT Camera. Bell 9200 HD PVR Plus (Dual Tuner) Satellite Receiver.

2008 - Digitial Cameras, 8 GB iPod Nano in black, BlackBerry Curve/ Bold 9000. Bluetooth headsets, iPhone 3G.  Mac Book Air.

2009 -  Canon and Nikon Digital Cameras, iPads, Kindle, Palm Pre smartphone (exclusive to Bell) iPhone 3GS, video calling via the Samsung Galaxy S.

2010 - Netflix subscriptions, media centre, blu-ray players, Bell Mobile TV.  3D TV sets, 3D Movies (Chanel 1933  3D Vuon Bell TV) iPhone 4

Photographer credit -
Image: graur razvan ionut /
IPod Shuffle - image Credit :  Courtesy of Apple

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Apollo 17 Mission Last Lunar landing

The last manned lunar landing was on the 11th December. 1972.  Apollo 17 (Challenger spacecraft)  had a three man crew - Eugene Ceman, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt.  The lunar lander touched down on the lunar surface at 2:55 PM EST on December 11.  

The Apolllo 17 mission Challenger spacecraft returned to earth on the 19th December.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bell and Rogers buy major stake of MSLE

Bell Canada Enterprises and Rogers Communications have purchased a major (75%) stake in MSLE (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment) as outlined in the BCE Press release

"I am excited to welcome our new partners Bell and Rogers," Larry Tanenbaum, Chairman, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, said in a statement.

"I am proud this is a Made-in-Canada deal that will bring resources and expertise to help us win on and off the ice, court and pitch. This is a terrific path forward for our teams and our fans. It will ensure MLSE continues to make a positive impact in Toronto and across this great country of ours."

Watch the CTV News Conference 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hip Street® HD Touch Multimedia eReader

The Hip Street HD (high definition) Multimedia eReader features :
  • 7 inch colour touch screen
  • E-book reader
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) enabled
  • Picture viewer
  • Play music, videos and movies in HD
  • Built in speakers
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 4GB built in storage
  • Micro SD slot (for additional storage)
  • Light weight, only 320 grams
  • Windows 2000 onwards compatible


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vlingo Virtual Assistant for smart phones

Vlingo is a Voice to Text Application for your smart phone (BlackBerry®, iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows).  Vlingo acts like a virutal assistant.  Once installed users can send texts, messages and status updates as well as find services, directions and information.  Voice recognition technology turns your words into actions.  Currently for BlackBerry® owners Vlingo is available free (regular price $19.99 US) until 31st December 2011.

More Free BlackBerry® Apps

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bell TV Free Previews December 2011

Free previews on Bell TV  for December 2011
as per Channel 271 of the Bell TV online guide,
Free Preview Channels are :

Bell Satellite TV Only - Channel 1648 - DXDHD  (DISNEY XD HD)
Free Preview Ends May 2012

Bell Satellite TV Channel 1706 HD and 603 SD
Fibe TV Channel 1603 HD and 603 SD
FOOD Network H 
Free Preview Ends 21st Dec 2011

Satellite and Fibe TV Channel 527 - T + E (Travel and Escape)
Free Preview Ends January 31st 2012

Satellite Nickelodeon Channel 559
Fibe TV Channel 559
Until 31st January 2012

Satellite - BBC Kids Channel 558
Until 31st January 2012

Satellite - Sportsnet World Channel 420 Channel 1414 HD
Fibe TV - Channel 420, 1420
2 Dec - 3 Jan 2012

Satellite - Teletoon English Channels 554 and 555
Fibe TV - Channels 554 and 555
Satellite - Teletoon  French Channel 139
Fibe TV French - Channel 139
Dec 9 to Jan 31st 2012

Satellite - Addik TV Chanel 136  Channel 1868 HD
FibeTV - Channel 136 and 1136 HD
Dec 12 to 8 Jan 2012

Satellite - Prise 2  Channel 153
Fibe TV - Channel 153
Dec 12 to Jan 8 2012

Satellite - CASA Channel 154
Fibe TV  - Channel 154
Dec 12 to 8th Jan 2012

Satellite - MP (MusiquePlus) Channel 141
Fibe TV - Channel 141
19 Dec to  8 Jan 2012

Satellite - Disney Junior Channel 189
19 Dec to Jan 8 2012

Satellite - Canal D Channel 139  Channel 1872 HD
Fibe TV - Channel 139 and Channel 1129 HD
19 Dec to Jan 8 2012

Satellite - Ztele Channel 131 Channel 1858 HD
Fibe TV - Channel 131 and Channel 1131
19 Dec to Jan 8 2012

Satellite - Historia Channel 133  Channel 1862 HD
Fibe TV - Channel 133 and Channel 1133 HD
19 Dec to 8 Jan 2012

Satellite - MusiMax Channel 142
Fibe TV - Channel 142
19 Dec to Jan 8 2012

Satellite - Canal Vie Channel 135  Chanel 1866 HD
Fibe TV - Channel 135 and 1135
19 Dec to 8 jan 2012 

Satellite - Series+ Channel 132  Channel 1960 HD
Fibe TV - Channel 132 and Channel 1132 HD
19 Dec to Jan 8 2012

Satellite - VRAK TV Channel 140  Channel 1870 HD
Five TV - Channel 140 and Channel 1140 HD
19 Dec to Jan 8 20112