Thursday, December 15, 2011

2000 - 2010, 10 years of Technology Holiday Gifts

Still thinking about what to give, here's 10 years of Technology must have gifts that were given between 2000 - 2010 Holiday Season

2000 - Pdas,(personal digital assistants - RIm 850).   Rio mp3 players, Computer Speakers, USB Thumb drives, iMac G3 Computer.

 2001 - SMS (short messaging services) was introduced. Headsets and ear buds for mobile phones, Handspring Treo smart phone (pds and phone combined into one).  Flat panel computer Monitors, Flat Screen LCD TV's (20 inch.).  iPod - "1,000 songs in your pocket" portable minidisk cd players.  Microsoft XBox. Bell ExpressVu 5100 PVR (Personal Video Recorder).

2002 - Bell Mobility launched, flip, swivel or sliding keyboard Mobile Phone with camera and internet connection were now available to customers.  Hot buy -  BlackBerry 5810 with thumb controls,  Sanyo cell phones.  Surround sound speakers and wireless computer routers, Windows compatible iPod, Nintendo Game Cube. Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera.

2003 - Bell TV Dual Tuner Digital Receiver.  Portable DVD players. Handheld video  cameras, BlackBerry 7230 smartphone. Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner

2004 -  Bell TV 6100 High Definition TV receiver.  Digital Sony Viao S260 Notebook.  Wide Screen TVs. Motorola Razr, iPod Mini, Samsung, Sanyo. LG and Nokia cell phones. USB Flash Drives. 

2005 - iPod Shuffle, BlackBerry mobile phone.  With a 100 song limit - Motororola Rokr incorporating iTunes, Sony VAIO Fj Notebook, wide screen laptops.  Sirius Satellite Radio. X Box 360 .
Handheld games Playstation  Portable and Nintento DS console.
Home Theaters - projectors and surround sound. 

2006 - Mini Camcorders, BlackBerry Pearl, Cell phones including email capabilities with built in camera and audio/video player.  Nintendo Wii.
In car DVD players. 

2007 - High Definition Plasma or LCD TVs, Sony Playstation3, Wii Fit, iPhone, iPod Touch, Canon EOS 400D aka the Canon Digital Rebel  XT Camera. Bell 9200 HD PVR Plus (Dual Tuner) Satellite Receiver.

2008 - Digitial Cameras, 8 GB iPod Nano in black, BlackBerry Curve/ Bold 9000. Bluetooth headsets, iPhone 3G.  Mac Book Air.

2009 -  Canon and Nikon Digital Cameras, iPads, Kindle, Palm Pre smartphone (exclusive to Bell) iPhone 3GS, video calling via the Samsung Galaxy S.

2010 - Netflix subscriptions, media centre, blu-ray players, Bell Mobile TV.  3D TV sets, 3D Movies (Chanel 1933  3D Vuon Bell TV) iPhone 4

Photographer credit -
Image: graur razvan ionut /
IPod Shuffle - image Credit :  Courtesy of Apple

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