Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Canada - Sales and Offers

What is Cyber Monday ?  It's the Monday immediately after American Thanksgiving (Thursday).  Traditionally the Friday is called Black Friday -  this is when there are major discounts in the stores - profits go into the black, hence the name.

The Monday is dedicated to online shoppers.   Bargains, offers and one day only deals are all just a click away.

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(Current promotions valid Nov/Dec 2010)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bell Bundle

With the Bell Bundle offer a discounts are given for subscribing to two or more Bell services.
Available servivces are - Bell TV, Bell Internet, Bell Home Phone and Bell Mobility.

The amount of discount is based on the the service that you subscribe to to find out what you could
save try the  Bell Bundle Builder 

Bundle and Save

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a 7 inch screen which makes it smaller than the 9.7 inch iPad screen.  It is powered by Android 2.2 operating system and although it's internal storage capacity is 32GB, this can be increased (up to 32GB) with xpandable storage.  Multi tasking using Android compatible applications is possible.

Incorporated into the design are one forward 1.3 (megapixel) camera for video chat and one rear facing camera  (3.2 megapixels) for taking pictures. Coupled with Blue Tooth and phone functions increase the Galaxy Tabs usefulness for social media applications.  Kobo eReading application and GPS capabilities are included too.

Also, available are Bell Tablet TV and Radio - live or on demand.  Data charges are included in the monthly fee - $10 per month per 10 hours of viewing and $8 per month for access to over 70 radio channels. 

Bell TV account holders can also program their HD PVRs via the Galaxy Tab. Bell subscribers can access and manage their Bell Accounts via Self Serve.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free Bell PVR iPhone App

Bell released (in February 2010 )a FREE App for the iPhone for  Bell TV 9241 or 9242 HD PVR Plus receiver owners.  Download the App if you would like to schedule and manage your TV recordings. Or if you would like to customize the program guide to your reflect your interests or favorite television shows.  

The application lets you use your iPhone as a remote control. Now you can operate your PVR even when you are away from home.

Download the Bell PVR iPhone App 
Original Article - iPhone in Canada - 15th Feb 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to program a Bell remote to your TV

Bell TV Tip

Program a Bell remote to your TV
One of the most common questions is how to program a Bell remote to control the TV, if you don't know what your TV Code is.  Here's how to do it:

  • Turn on the TV
  • Press and hold the TV button 
  • Hold it until the buttons - SAT, TV and VCR all light up
  • Release the TV button -  This will cause it to flash.
  • Press the POWER button - The TV button light will stay on.
  • Press the up arrow, every second (on the Bell remote) 
  • Your TV will turn off to indicate a working code has been found.
  • Now Press the # button -  this will save the code to the remote
  • The TV light on your Bell remote will flash 3 times to confirm that programming has been successful.

     Bell Remote Tip:
     Before beginning familiarize yourself with the location of the buttons.
     Have someone read out the programming steps whilst you program the remote.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

StumbleUpon Brings Personalized App Discovery to Android

 Android operating system Stumble Upon users can now personally recommend applications to their friends.  Find applications that their friends are using and read reviews using App Discovery.

App Discovery is easy use and the one click on the"install" button makes getting an application simple.


Full article  :
StumbleUpon Brings Personalized App Discovery to Android

Saturday, November 6, 2010


A Smartphone is a mobile phone that has computing features.  Smartphones have internet capabilities plus integrated business applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.  Calendar and address book entries can be synched with laptop or desk computers.

BlackBerry® Bold
Smartphones run on operating systems, which one depends on the make and model.  Currently the most popular operating systems are - Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS and Windows Mobile. 

For business professionals Smartphones are a necessity. 

See our Mobile Phone Models

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bell Fibe

Bell Fibe™ is the new Bell development in Internet connectivity. The system addresses customer demands for more speed for downloading and uploading movies, photos, music, videosand of course Bell Fibe TV.
Portable Internet

The service was introduced in February 2010 and is currently 
available to customers, in cities, across Canada.
The Bell Fibe™ operates over a fibre optic network.
Fibe offers four speeds (6, 12, 16 and 25 Mbps) 
and faster upload speeds.

Contact ICT North for information about Bell Fibe Internet services

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Satellite TV Ontario - Bell

Bell TV has been formerly known as Bell Express Vu, Dish Network Canada and Express Vu Dish Network. Bell TV is Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

At the outset (1994/5) the company was to be an partnership between of Tee-Comm Electronics, Canadian Satellite Communication, Western International Communications and Bell Canada.

Bell Satellite TV installers
Things did not go smoothly.  Following the bankruptcy of Tee-Comm. it looked likely that the project would collapse.  What actually happened -  ExpressVu was launched on the 10th September 1997 to provide service to the existing customer base.  Ownership of ExpressVu was taken over by Bell in 2000 and the ExpressVu name was changed to Bell TV in August of 2008.

How Does it Work - The satellite signal is sent up to a  geostationary satellite.  The signal is then relayed back to satellite dishes located on the customer's property.  In order to receive the satellite signal the property, in Ontario, Canada, must have a clear view of the Southern sky.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FREE PREVIEW Bell TV Channel Line up November 2010

During November, as per Channel 271 of the Bell TV online guide, 
these Channels are on Free preview :

HD Channels 
Channel 1190  - Zeste HD  -  French Food Show Channel
Channel 1609  - National Geographic HD - Nature, animals, science, exploration
Channel 1623  - Treasure HD  -  culture, people
Channel 1625  - OASIS HD  - Natural world, places
Channel 1627  - radX  HD  -  Risk, adventure, danger, extreme sports
Channel 1629  - eqhd  -  families, lifestyles, documentaries

Non HD Channels 
Channel 190  - Zeste
Channel 524  - National Geographic
Channel 530  - Bite  -  Comedy
Channel 604  - Twist tv  -  Real Life drama and situations
Channel 609  - CosmopolitanTV - Beauty, fashion, women's lifestyle

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ICT North now on Facebook

Yes!  - ICT North are now on Facebook.    
Although ICT North are based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada our main service area covers Belleville to Orillia, down through Guelph to Niagara Falls and nearby towns.  If you're not sure if you are within our service area call us on 1- 888-735-9777.  You can also call, if you just want more information about BELL services we offer.

Visit our Facebook page.  Leave a message on the wall, tell us about your install,  service experience, ask for help or just say hi  We love hearing  from you,  CLICK LIKE when you get there, then you'll be able to post to the wall.

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