Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bell TV Remotes

Infrared Remote
The Bell TV infrared (IR) remote needs direct line of sight to the satellite tv receiver to function.  The remote operates by transmitting line of sight signals short distances (up to 40 ft).

The infrared remote is the standard remote that is supplied with a standard  Digital Receiver or HD Receiver. The remote can also be used to control tv, vcr or dvd, plus a third device.

UHF Remote
A Bell TV UHF (Ultra High Frequency) remote does not need direct line of sight to the satellite tv receiver.  The remote operates using radio frequencies to send the signal through walls and floors (up to 120 ft).  Thus allowing greater flexibility regarding placement of the receiver and control of the receiver from greater distances and control of the receiver from other rooms within the home.  

One IR remote, one UHF remote and UHF antenna (to be attached to the receiver rear panel) are supplied with the and the HD PVR Plus receiver.

The UHF remotes supplied by Bell TV also have infrared incorporated -  so that  it is possible to control three other non uhf capable devices (tv, dvd or  vcr plus a third device)  - plus a TV input selection button.

Image credit - bell.ca

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