Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recycle your cell phone

Recycle your cell phone
 Want to dispose of your old mobile phone responsibly. Head to your nearest Bell store, hand your old cell phone in to their Bell Blue Box program and they will send it for recycling.

Net proceeds from the program are donated the the World Wildlife Fund of Canada.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HD PVR recording capabilities

The HD PVR  is a High Definition Personal Video Recorder.  Many people think this Bell TV receiver only records programs that are being transmitted in high definition.  In fact the receiver can record both digital and high definition programs. 

Current models can hold 200 hours of digital OR 30 hours of high definition recordings on the internal hard drive.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Existing Bell TV Moving to a new house

If you are an existing Bell Satellite TV customer and moving to a new house. Bell will need these details at least three weeks prior to your moving date:

  1. Your Account number (For Bell Satellite TV)
  2. Your new address* and your new postal code
  3. Your Moving date. (The account holder or an authorised adult  should be at the new house all day on the moving date)
  4. An alternate phone number where we can reach you during the move (e.g. mobile phone)
  5. Type of programing you need at your new address - standard, high definition and/or international programming.
Call - 1 888 759-3474 (Bell Satellite TV only)   OR 310-BELL (multiple Bell Services)
to arrange for an installer to reinstall your Satellite TV on your moving day.

Pack up all your recievers, switches and remotes. Leave the Bell satellite dish behind.
Once the receivers and dish has been installed at your new address 
call this number to reinstate your Bell TV service - 1 888 759-3474 

*Rural Routes (RR) and Postal Boxes are not acceptable.

Friday, December 24, 2010

How to Sync iTunes with your iPhone

First create a custom playlist.
File - > New Playlist.  Name your playlist  (iPhone Sync)

Drag music from your ITunes Library (in iTunes) in to your new Playlist.

Plug your iPhone in.
Select iPhone in the DEVICES Menu. 
Click on the Music Tab.
Check Playlist Name you created (iPhone Sync)
Check Include Music Videos
Check Sync Music

Click Sync in iTunes and your playlist will now be accessible on your iPhone

     Any changes you make on your iPhone Sync playlist will alter your iPhone tunes too.

Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Top Five iPhone Apps

Here are our Top 5 iPhone Apps for 2010

Angry Birds - Help the Angry Birds to survive. Their enemies the green pigs need stopping.

Shazam  - This free application when installed allows the user to hold their iPhone to the source of the music (tv, stereo etc) and Shazam will identify the music and tell you what the tune or song is called, who the artist is and even where you can buy it.  The information can be emailed to yourself and your contacts.

Net News Wire  - Stay up to date with the latest news with the NetNewsWire  RSS feeds reader.

Google App for the iPhone  - Search the internet, contacts, applications etc.,  Smart search is included in Google App, to save on typing, search results can be stored for later reference.

eReader  -  Free ebook reader.  The eReader store besides being where you can download this app also lists available books.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Classic Bell Mobility Ad from 2003

Many people will be receiving mobile phones over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Current smartphones had humble beginnings. The sentiments in this commercial from 2003 hold as true today as they did then. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Parental Controls or Channel Locks

Set up Channels or Rating Locks on your Bell TV system in 5 easy steps :

  1. Turn on the TV and Receiver. Press Menu on your remote
  2. Now Select Locks (You will be asked to enter your password)
  3. Select Channel Locks or Rating Locks*
  4. Make your selection of either channels or rating level(s) that you do not want to watch  (Confirmation that you selection has been made will be indicated by a check box)
  5. Select Save/Done

*Program Ratings - As set by the makers of the program

PG - Ages 8 - 13
14 -  Ages 14 and above
18 -  Over 18 Adult only
NR/AO - Not Rated  Adult Oriented 
Programs might include sexually explicit language or images,  nudity and profanities, violence.

     Bell TV Channel Locking Tip
     Have your password ready.  As you watch tv note which channels have unsuitable
     content, then you can refer to your list when prompted to make your selection.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pink Techno Gadgets

Looking for a techno gadget (camera, computer, phone etc.,) in pink - then we have found your site.  Gadgets In Pink featuring reviews and news about - gadgets that are pink in color.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apple iPad 2 - smaller screen

In response to the Samsung Galaxy Tab  and 7 inch screen size tablet computers.  Apple are now working on the iPad 2. The new model will feature a smaller screen.  Rumor suggests that the iPad 2 screen size will be approximately half the current iPad's  9.7 inch screen size.

No date has been given for when iPad 2 will be launched.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

LG Rumour Plus

Specifications for the LG Rumour Plus

  • Compatible with the HSPA network            
  • Global access  and GPS
  • Bluetooth® 2.0
  • Micro USB connection
  • Text, Picture and Video messaging
  • Email, Instant Messaging and Calendar
  • Camera: 2 megapixels with 2x zoom and multi-shot
  • Video recording and integrated Media player
  • Form factor: touch dialling with full QWERTY keypad

  • Internal memory: 80 MB
  • Talk time: up to 4 hours
  • Standby time: up to 378 hours
  • Screen size: 2.4"
  • Size: 103.0 x 49.9 x 15.3 mm
  • Screen resolution: 320 x 240 pixel colour display

    Thursday, December 9, 2010

    How to make a favorites List using Bell TV Electronic Programme Guide - Bell TV

    Bell TV Tip

    When trying to find something to watch on tv it can take considerable time to go through the channels to locate the one you want.  It is likely that many of the shows you like are on a frequently used channels. Of course it is possible to search for an individual show and have your receiver tune to the channel at the designated time, but this isn't really a solution when you don't know what you want to watch.

    Favorite's lists will not only save you time but also can be tailored to individual family members needs - Children can have channels listed that have parental approval. What you include in your lists will depend on your interests and if the list is for an individual or all family members.  Making a favorites list using the Bell TV Electronic Progamming Guide, is not just a time saver, it is also helpful to guests and visitors who may not be familiar with Bell TV channels numbers.

    To create a Favorites List on your Bell receiver:
    • Turn on the satellite receiver and your TV.
    • Press Menu.
    • Highlight and Select Favorites Option.
    • Using the arrow keys select the Favorites List.
    • Now Select  - Modify List. 
    • Press Select, then press Select again.
    • The Channel List should now be visible. Highlight the channel you want and Select it. Repeat for each channel you want in your list. 
    • When you have choosen all the channels you want in your list, Select Save
    • Now choose Edit Name and you will be able to give your list a title. 

    Popular favorite lists  : 
    All Sub (only see details for channels that you subscribe to).
    All HD (useful for HD and HD PVR receiver owners  - making it easier to see what's on in HD).
    Individual Persons Name - Shows, dramas and programming that is of interest to that person or for a particular age group - children, teens, elder family members, individual sports, ethnic programming etc).

    To display the Favorite Channels lists when watching TV,  
    Press the GUIDE button on your remote until your list appears.

         Bell Remote Tip:
          Theme Lists are included in the Electronic Programming Guide:
           Movies, Sports, News, Business, Music, Arts, Family Viewing, etc.
           To access Themes press the Theme button on your remote control.
           In the Themes List, use the arrow keys to highlight your choice, then press Select.

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    Bell Home Phone

    Home Phone Lite Package features

    Bell Home Phone Lite           

    • Unlimited local calling 
    • 3 Months free - One Smart Touch™ service
    • One bill for all services.

    This package is available to existing and new customers

    Save with the Bell Bundle

    Monday, December 6, 2010

    Video On Demand - Bell TV

    If you own a Bell TV Model 9241 or 9242 HD PVR Bell Satellite and have it connected to the internet or via a phone line Video On Demand will be available to you. Current movies and events are in HD and some in 1080p format.  Some movies offered are available the same day that they are being released on DVD. Movies are updated weekly so the choices are current.

    Video On Demand rental options are either 24 hours or 48 hours.  
    During the 24 or 48 hour period the movie can be paused, played,  fast forwarded or watched later or watched again the same or next day - dependent on the selected time period.  Once a movie has been ordered the duration of viewing time left for the movie can be seen by returning to channel 1000 or 1800, highlighting the movie in the selection list.  The word "Rented" showing in the top left of movie title, confirms the movie has been purchased. Press info and the amount of rental time left will be displayed.

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    Bell Apps for Android

     Bell have a selection of Bell Apps for Android  smartphones including :
    • Facebook, 
    • Twitter, 
    • Guitar Hero,            
    • Family Guy, 
    • MTV 

    Plus access to the Android Market where you can find many more great applications to enhance your mobile phone experience.  To access the Android Market select Market on your smartphone, then browse the categories to find apps that interest you.
    CC-BY-3.0 page on Creative Commons

    Friday, December 3, 2010

    International Channels on Bell TV

    Bell TV can be viewed in English or French additionally Bell TV International channel packages include German, Italian, Chinese, Polish, South Asian, Russian and Greek programs.  Some channels may also be added individually.
    • Chinese - Fairchild, Talentvision, Phoenix Mandarin
    • French - Canal Savoir, CKAC 730, L'assemblée Nationale du Québec, La Magnétotèque, TVA, Radio Classique 99, Télé-Québec, Télétoon Retro, TFO, TFO HD, TV5, TV5 HD 
    • German - Deutsche Welle, Radio Herz, Viva
    • Greek    - ERT Sat Canada, Odyssey 1, Mega Cosmos
    • Italian    - RAI International, SKY TG24
    • Polish    - Polksie Radio 1&3, TV Polonia, Viva
    • Russian - NTV Canada, RTVi
    • Spanish - TLN en Espanol
    • South Asian - ATN, Sony, ATN Alpha Punjabi, ATN B4U Indi, CBN,  NDTV24x7,           NDTV Imagine, ATN Tamil,  TVI Tamil Vision, GMA Pinoy TV, Al Jazzera 

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    December and so far no Snow, no ski

    Who would have thought we would make it to December with no significant snow fall.  This is great news for most people but if you operate a ski resort this can be an anxious time, waiting for the snow to arrive.

    Being in Barrie, we are within a days drive of some of the best skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing in Southern Ontario.  Keep up to date with local ski conditons and ski reports.   2010 Ski season, for us, is scheduled to begin around the 11th December weather permitting.

    Local public Ski resorts and clubs near Barrie:

    Snow Valley Resorts,  
    Horseshoe Valley,  
    Blue Mountain,  
    Mount St Louis Moonstone,   
    Beaver Valley Ski Club
    Talisman Village  

    In the meantime two useful iPhone Apps for you ($1.99 each)
    Canadian Ski & Snow Report App - Snow report, weather, runs, lifts, webcams
    Snocator - Ski & Snowboard GPS Trail Maps, Snow Reports, Mountain Cams, Weather, and more.

    Photo courtesy of