Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Top Five iPhone Apps

Here are our Top 5 iPhone Apps for 2010

Angry Birds - Help the Angry Birds to survive. Their enemies the green pigs need stopping.

Shazam  - This free application when installed allows the user to hold their iPhone to the source of the music (tv, stereo etc) and Shazam will identify the music and tell you what the tune or song is called, who the artist is and even where you can buy it.  The information can be emailed to yourself and your contacts.

Net News Wire  - Stay up to date with the latest news with the NetNewsWire  RSS feeds reader.

Google App for the iPhone  - Search the internet, contacts, applications etc.,  Smart search is included in Google App, to save on typing, search results can be stored for later reference.

eReader  -  Free ebook reader.  The eReader store besides being where you can download this app also lists available books.

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