Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So that's how to turn of autocorrect on your iPhone

If you have wondered how to turn of the autocorrect feature on your iPhone this wikiHow step  by step article has the information set out in a clear and easy to follow way so you can disable or enable the feature we love to hate but secretly love.

IPhone  - How to turn autocorrect off

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

32nd Genie Awards on Bell TV

The 32nd Genie Awards will be aired on CBC TV 9th March 2012 8pm EST

Andrea Martin and George Stroumboulopoulos will be this year's host.  As well as the awards musical performances will be given by Johnny Reid, The Sheepdogs and K’NAAN.  

Best Original Song nominees will be honoured with a special tribute by figure skaters Joannie Rochette, Jamie Sale and David Pelletier.

Another star studded night on Bell TV

CBC-M  Channel 206  
CBC-O  Channel 208
CBC-T  Channel 210
CHEX   Channel 217
CBCTB Channel 223
CKWS  Channel 233
CBCHE Channel 802 (HD)

CBC Press Release

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars for Best Picture 2002 - 2012

Academy Awards Best Picture 2002 - 2012 and the Oscars went to :

  • 2002 -- A Beautiful Mind
  • 2003 - Chicago
  • 2004 - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  • 2005 - MillionDollar Baby
  • 2006 - Crash
  • 2007 - The Departed
  • 2008 - No Country For Old Men
  • 2009 - Slumdog Milionaire
  • 2010 - The Hurt Locker
  • 2011 - The King's Speech
  • 2012 - The Artist

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

TV5 Channel now on Bell TV

Channel TV5 is now available on  Bell TV

Standard Definition  Channel 864
High Definition  Channel 1835

Fibe TV:
Channel 1145

Academy Awards 2012 (Oscars) on Bell TV

Where to see the Academy Awards on Bell TV (Satellite).  Want to see the stars arrive, on the red carpet or only the Academy Award Oscar presentations here are the channels and information you need :

Single Definition :
621 E! Countdown to Red Carpet 1.30pm, Live From the Red Carpet 5.30pm, CTV at the Oscars 8.30pm
288 ABC-W Arrivals 5pm-7pm, Red Carpet and Awards 7pm/8.30pm 
70 CTMDv CTCV At the  Oscars 6pm 
297 CW11 Live From the Academy Awards 6pm
298 KTLA Live From the Academy Awards 6pm 
61 CTVNO Academy Awards 7pm
209 CTV2O Oscars Red Carpet Live 7pm
212 CTV-T Oscars Red Carpet Live and Awards 8pm/8.30pm
219 CTV2T Oscars Red Carpet Live 7pm
220 CTV2L Oscars Red Carpet Live 7pm
221 CTVNO Academy Awards 7pm
237 CTV-L Oscars Red Carpet Live and Awards 7pm/8.30pm
239 CTV-E Oscars Red Carpet Live and Awards 7pm/8.30pm
243 CTV-C Red Carpet Live and Awards 7 pm/8.30pm
250 CTV-V Oscars Red carpet Live and Awards 7pm/8.30pm
281 ABC-E Oscars Red Carpet and Awards 7pm/8.30pm
281 ABC-E Oscars Red Carpet and Awards 7pm/8.30pm
201 CTV-H Oscars Red Carpet Live  8pm/8.30pm
202 CTV2E Oscars Red Carpet Live and Awards 8pm/8.30pm
205 CTV-M Oscars Red Carpet Live and Awards 8pm/8.30pm
225 CTV-W Oscars Red Carpet Live and Awards 8pm/8.30pm
229 CTV-O Oscars Red Carpet Live and Awards 8pm/8.30pm
235 CTV-R Oscars Red Carpet Live and Awards 8pm/8.30pm
249 CTV-S Oscars Red carpet Live and Awards 8pm/8.30pm

High Definition:
821  ABCHW  HD Arrivals 5pm-7pm, Red Carpet Live 7-8.30pm, Awards 8.30pm
1211 ABCHW Arrivals 5pm-7pm, Red Carpet 7pm, Awards 8.30pm
800 CTVHT HD-CTV at the Oscars 6-7pm, Red Carpet Live 8pm,  Awards 8.30pm
806 CTVHV  HD-CTV at the Oscars 6pm, Red Carpet 7pm, Awards 8.30pm
900 CTVHC HD  CTV At The Oscars 6pm, Oscars Red Carpet Live 7pm, Awards 8.30pm
1011 CTVHH HD  CTV At The Oscars 6pm-7pm, Oscars Red Carpet Live 8-8.30pm, Awards 8.30pm
1031 CTVMH HD  CTV At The Oscars 6pm-7pm, Oscars Red Carpet Live 8-8.30pm, Awards 8.30pm
1051 CTVHT HD  CTV At The Oscars 6pm-7pm, Oscars Red Carpet Live 8-8.30pm, Awards 8.30pm
1091 CTVMWH HD  CTV At The Oscars 6pm-7pm, Oscars Red Carpet Live 8-8.30pm, Awards 8.30pm
1106 CTVRH HD  CTV At The Oscars 6pm-7pm, Oscars Red Carpet Live 8-8.30pm,  Awards 8.30 pm
1131 CTVHC HD  CTV At The Oscars 6pm-7pm, Oscars Red Carpet Live 7-8.30pm,  Awards 8.30 pm
1151 CTVHV HD  CTV At The Oscars 6pm-7pm, Oscars Red Carpet Live 7-8.30pm,  Awards 8.30 pm
1236 CW11H Live from the Academy Awards 6pm-8pm
1238 KTLAH Live from the Academy Awards 6pm-8pm
1201 ABCHE Red Carpet Live 7pm, Awards 8.30pm

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nascar Daytona - Bell TV Free Preview Channels 2012

Bell TV (satellite)  Free Preview channels for the Nascar Sprint Cup - Daytona 2012 
(Hot Pass) airing at 1pm to 5.30pm ET 26th February 2012 are:
  • Channel 440 - NCAR
  • Channel 441 - NCAR1 (HotPass) Driver #1
  • Channel 442 - NCAR1 (HotPass) Driver #2
  • Channel 443 - NCAR1 (HotPass) Driver #3
  • Channel 444 - NCAR1 (HotPass) Driver #4
  • Channel 446 - TSNA HotPass Free Preview Info
  To order select the Sports icon on Channel 275

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waterworld - new planet classification

First there was Waterworld the movie, now there's Waterworld the new planet classification.  The planet class, which was observed by the Hubble space telescope, is categorized as having a watery mass with a thick, steamy atmosphere encompassing it. Planet GJ1214b was discovered in May 2009 by Zachory Berta and his MEarth Project colleagues.

Planet GJ 1214b data was now been analyzed by a team of astronomers led by Zachory Berta (Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics (CfA).  Planet GJ 1214b is approximately 2.7 times the size of the earth and has been referred to as a super Earth class planet.

Full  Daily Mail (UK) Article

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bell TV's New 3 Programming Packages Released

New Program Selection Options for Bell TV introduced today. Select from these three programming packages : 

Good From $32.57
156 channels
Major networks like CTV, CBC and Global
Plus specialty channels TSN, CTV News, Teletoon and Much Music
HD channels included

Better From $66.06
239 channels
All the channels included in Good
Plus specialty channels like AMC, The Family Channel, TSN2 and National Geographic
HD channels included

Best From $105.47
335 channels
All the channels included in Better
Plus the Sports, Learning & News, Movies & More and Variety theme packs as well as time shifting
HD channels included

See what's included in each of the Bell TV Programming Packages

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top Ten Bell TV Tips

Here are our Top Ten Bell TV Tips for satellite receiver users.

1.  Make a Favourites List :
3.  Prevent EarAche 
Providing you were successful with Tip 2
Press the mute button, on the remote to lower volume.  
Or  Press the Pause button on the remote of your PVR receiver

4.  Increase Your Viewing Opportunities
Take advantage of Time Shifting.  Watch a show in an earlier time slot then when you watch it again in your own time slot you can amaze your friends with your what happens next guesses.   Alternatively if you see part of a show whilst visiting friends, you might be able to see the whole show in a later time slot when you get home.  Three shows on at the same time that you want to watch - no problem.

5.  HD Viewing  - one click away
To find out if the program you are watching in standard definition is on on High Definition
 press the Search button on the remote

6.  Search Smarter
Use the remote keypad to enter Search Terms instead of the up down left right keys

7.  Look To The Future Today
Jump forward 24 Hours in the online guide.
Standard Definition Receiver users read our On Screen Guide Tip
Or if you have a high definition PVR model receiver press Skip button on the remote control
(Skips 24 hours each time you click it)

8.  Get The Latest Software
Update Bell TV while you sleep

9.  Recover Lost TV Guide Info 
Like A Bell Technician
Remove and reinsert the smart card Or 
Pull the plug from the power socket, replug in after 20 seconds

10.  Restore your Satellite TV Signal 
The Easy Way
After a power outage 
Press Menu 613 on the remote
Select run a check switch 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mountain Lion Release, by Apple, Expected In Stores June 2012

Today the developer preview of OS X® Mountain Lion operating system was released.  The Apple Press Release states that the upgrade will be available at the Apple Stores  June 2012.  Can't wait  -  download the developer preview version of OS X Mountain Lion today.  

  • Messages App :  Send messages, videos or photos Mac to Mac or Mac to iOS
  • Reminders :  List your lists
  • Notes :  Create a note and pin it to the desktop
  • Notification Center :  Alerts all in one place
  • Share Sheets :  Share content with others straight from the toolbar
  • Twitter Integration :  Tweet directly from applications
  • Game Center :  Play online, solo or with friends
  • Gatekeeper :  Three Levels of security, Developer ID validation

Image Credit:  Apple OS X Mountain Lion

Apple - Mountain Lion Press Release

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note Launched in Canada

The Samsung Galaxy Note superphone launched in Canada today.


Visual Quality - HD
Touchscreen -  Super AMOLED
Screen Size - 5.3”  (800 x 1280 pixels) 
resulting in  reduced scrolling and zooming
Digital Pen - S Pen integrated system
Operating System - Android 
Apps - Available from Android Market
Cameras - Rear 8 megapixels,  Front 2 Megapixels
Video Capability - Records at 1080p

Samsung Galaxy Note available at the Bell Mobility Store

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update Bell TV while you sleep


To ensue your Bell TV satellite receiver is running the latest software is this easy: 

 Turn the receiver off at night so that it can accept updates.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cyber 24 - 8th February 1996

The internet today is very much taken for granted.  This was not the case on the 8th February 1996 when the Cyber 24 event took place.  The 24 hour project was designed to create a snapshot of one day of internet use, 150 top photojournalists were commissioned to record events and submit articles.  The event was billed as "the largest one-day online event."

Al Gore, who was at that time the Vice President of the USA, contributed an introductory essay to the Earthwatch section of the website about the internet its' environmental impact and how daily life had changed because of the world wide web.

The event website,, showcased the images and articles from participants attracted 4 million visitors, which is impressive as many users would have been using a dial up connection.

Photo Credit:
Image: Sujin Jetkasettakorn /

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Google Chrome Beta for Android 4.0 now available

Google Chrome Beta for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich can be
downloaded from 7th Feb 2012 in the following countries:
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
The browser features tabbed browsing, fast browsing and search function plus easy syncing from your computer.  Installation on your mobile phone or tablet only takes three steps:

  1. Touch Download.
  2. Touch Accept & download
  3. Touch the Chrome icon on your Apps or home screen

Download Google Chrome Beta
Visit Google Chrome Web Store

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI on Bell TV

Super Bowl XLVI  - Sunday 5th February 2012  - Kick Off at  6pm ET.
Watch the game on these Bell TV channels

Standard Definition:
NTV 199,  CTV-H  201,  CTV-M  205,  CTV-T  212,  CTVNO 221,  CTV-W 225,  CTV-O 229,  CTV-R 235.  CTV-L 237, CTV-E 239,  CTV-C 243,  CTV-S 249,  CTV-V 250,  NBC-E 280,  NBC-W 287

High Definition:
CTVHH 1011, CTVMH 1031,  CTVHT 1051,  CTVWH 1091,  CTVRH 1106,  CTVHC 1131,  CTVHV 1151,  NBCHE 1200,  NBCHW 1210

Thursday, February 2, 2012

TAC channel now AMI TV

The Accessibility Channel (Bell TV  satellite channel 48)  has been renamed to AMI TV (Accessible Media Incorporated). The channel provides described video and close captioning for hearing and visually impaired viewers.

Read More About AMI TV

Dusk Channel leaving Bell TV Line up

Canadian speciality thriller, suspense and all round spooky Channel DUSK® TV, on Fibe and Bell TV (channel 332) is scheduled to be dropped 23rd March 2012...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bell TV (satellite) February 2012 Free Preview Channels

Free previews on Bell TV (satellite) for February 2012
as per Channel 271 of the Bell TV online guide,
Free Preview Channels are :

Hollywood Movie Channels
WBF HD satellite channel 1270,  Fibe TV Channel 1315
MGMHD  satellite channel 1271,  Fibe TV Channel 1316
HSRMH   satellite channel 1272,  Fibe TV Channel 1317 
HFSVH    satellite channel 1273,  Fibe TV Channel 1318
Until 19th February 2012

DIsney Junior
Satellite Channel 189
Fibe TV Channel 189
From 20th Feb  to 9th March

Satellite RDS Info Channel 124
Fibe TV Channel 124
Until 29th February 2012

Satellite Oprah Winfrey Network OWN Channel 526
OWN HD Channel 1711
OWN Fibe TV 526
Until 29 February 2012

Satellite Channel 421
Fibe TV Channel 421
Until 3 February 2012

Satellite Mlle Channel 194
Fibe TV  Channel 194
Until  14 March 2012

Satellite Yoopa Channel 144
Fibe TVChannel 150
Until 14 Mar 2012

Satellite Disney XD HD Channel 1648
Ends 31 May 2012