Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top Ten Bell TV Tips

Here are our Top Ten Bell TV Tips for satellite receiver users.

1.  Make a Favourites List :
3.  Prevent EarAche 
Providing you were successful with Tip 2
Press the mute button, on the remote to lower volume.  
Or  Press the Pause button on the remote of your PVR receiver

4.  Increase Your Viewing Opportunities
Take advantage of Time Shifting.  Watch a show in an earlier time slot then when you watch it again in your own time slot you can amaze your friends with your what happens next guesses.   Alternatively if you see part of a show whilst visiting friends, you might be able to see the whole show in a later time slot when you get home.  Three shows on at the same time that you want to watch - no problem.

5.  HD Viewing  - one click away
To find out if the program you are watching in standard definition is on on High Definition
 press the Search button on the remote

6.  Search Smarter
Use the remote keypad to enter Search Terms instead of the up down left right keys

7.  Look To The Future Today
Jump forward 24 Hours in the online guide.
Standard Definition Receiver users read our On Screen Guide Tip
Or if you have a high definition PVR model receiver press Skip button on the remote control
(Skips 24 hours each time you click it)

8.  Get The Latest Software
Update Bell TV while you sleep

9.  Recover Lost TV Guide Info 
Like A Bell Technician
Remove and reinsert the smart card Or 
Pull the plug from the power socket, replug in after 20 seconds

10.  Restore your Satellite TV Signal 
The Easy Way
After a power outage 
Press Menu 613 on the remote
Select run a check switch 

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