Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to make a favorites List using Bell TV Electronic Programme Guide - Bell TV

Bell TV Tip

When trying to find something to watch on tv it can take considerable time to go through the channels to locate the one you want.  It is likely that many of the shows you like are on a frequently used channels. Of course it is possible to search for an individual show and have your receiver tune to the channel at the designated time, but this isn't really a solution when you don't know what you want to watch.

Favorite's lists will not only save you time but also can be tailored to individual family members needs - Children can have channels listed that have parental approval. What you include in your lists will depend on your interests and if the list is for an individual or all family members.  Making a favorites list using the Bell TV Electronic Progamming Guide, is not just a time saver, it is also helpful to guests and visitors who may not be familiar with Bell TV channels numbers.

To create a Favorites List on your Bell receiver:
  • Turn on the satellite receiver and your TV.
  • Press Menu.
  • Highlight and Select Favorites Option.
  • Using the arrow keys select the Favorites List.
  • Now Select  - Modify List. 
  • Press Select, then press Select again.
  • The Channel List should now be visible. Highlight the channel you want and Select it. Repeat for each channel you want in your list. 
  • When you have choosen all the channels you want in your list, Select Save
  • Now choose Edit Name and you will be able to give your list a title. 

Popular favorite lists  : 
All Sub (only see details for channels that you subscribe to).
All HD (useful for HD and HD PVR receiver owners  - making it easier to see what's on in HD).
Individual Persons Name - Shows, dramas and programming that is of interest to that person or for a particular age group - children, teens, elder family members, individual sports, ethnic programming etc).

To display the Favorite Channels lists when watching TV,  
Press the GUIDE button on your remote until your list appears.

     Bell Remote Tip:
      Theme Lists are included in the Electronic Programming Guide:
       Movies, Sports, News, Business, Music, Arts, Family Viewing, etc.
       To access Themes press the Theme button on your remote control.
       In the Themes List, use the arrow keys to highlight your choice, then press Select.

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