Monday, December 6, 2010

Video On Demand - Bell TV

If you own a Bell TV Model 9241 or 9242 HD PVR Bell Satellite and have it connected to the internet or via a phone line Video On Demand will be available to you. Current movies and events are in HD and some in 1080p format.  Some movies offered are available the same day that they are being released on DVD. Movies are updated weekly so the choices are current.

Video On Demand rental options are either 24 hours or 48 hours.  
During the 24 or 48 hour period the movie can be paused, played,  fast forwarded or watched later or watched again the same or next day - dependent on the selected time period.  Once a movie has been ordered the duration of viewing time left for the movie can be seen by returning to channel 1000 or 1800, highlighting the movie in the selection list.  The word "Rented" showing in the top left of movie title, confirms the movie has been purchased. Press info and the amount of rental time left will be displayed.

The cost per movie is equivalent to renting a movie but without the trip to the store and any late charges for over due movie rental return.

Channel 386 (IVOD) for information about on demand. 
Visit channel 1000 (English) or 1800 (French) to see the full movie line up or to place an order.

To order Video On Demand via the electronic programming guide on your tv
Make your movie selection, by highlighting it, then follow the on screen prompts.  

There are two options for ordering Video On Demand over the phone.
When Calling you will be asked for both the  Event ID and your Purchase PIN number. 

  1. Call 1 866 68 ORDER (67337) Automated Service Representative 
  2. Call 1 888 759-3474 to speak to a  Customer Service Representative

Enjoy your viewing.

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