Thursday, December 16, 2010

Parental Controls or Channel Locks

Set up Channels or Rating Locks on your Bell TV system in 5 easy steps :

  1. Turn on the TV and Receiver. Press Menu on your remote
  2. Now Select Locks (You will be asked to enter your password)
  3. Select Channel Locks or Rating Locks*
  4. Make your selection of either channels or rating level(s) that you do not want to watch  (Confirmation that you selection has been made will be indicated by a check box)
  5. Select Save/Done

*Program Ratings - As set by the makers of the program

PG - Ages 8 - 13
14 -  Ages 14 and above
18 -  Over 18 Adult only
NR/AO - Not Rated  Adult Oriented 
Programs might include sexually explicit language or images,  nudity and profanities, violence.

     Bell TV Channel Locking Tip
     Have your password ready.  As you watch tv note which channels have unsuitable
     content, then you can refer to your list when prompted to make your selection.

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