Sunday, January 30, 2011

Internet Usage about bandwidth

Bandwidth  -  "The capacity for data transfer"

The bandwidth limit is based on the amount of data transfer that the average internet user uses over a given period of time (month).  Users select an internet plan, with a limit that they think will be suitable, for the purpose which they are using their computer.   Because no two users will use their computer identically the limits vary some may allocate a greater portion of the bandwidth to music download others to online gaming.

At ICT North we are always being asked about bandwidth. When surfing, checking email, watching videos or movies, playing online games, downloading music or uploading photos to the internet with a computer it is easy to exceed bandwidth guideline limits.  

Once the guideline limit is exceeded additional charges are applied so monitoring usage makes sense.

Things that affect bandwidth :
  • Surfing  - visiting web sites, web pages or forums, reading online news, searching. 
  • Chatting - via messsage boards or specific chat programs.
  • Email functions - sending and receiving mail.
  • File sharing - downloading or uploading: torrents, music, photos, videos
  • Online Activities - streaming audio (listening to the radio etc.,) watching videos, movies, live broadcasts
  • Interactive Activities - playing games online via the computer or gaming console.
  • VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol eg Skype phone calls over the internet.
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol: uploading and downloading of files to and from an external server.

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