Thursday, November 4, 2010

Satellite TV Ontario - Bell

Bell TV has been formerly known as Bell Express Vu, Dish Network Canada and Express Vu Dish Network. Bell TV is Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

At the outset (1994/5) the company was to be an partnership between of Tee-Comm Electronics, Canadian Satellite Communication, Western International Communications and Bell Canada.

Bell Satellite TV installers
Things did not go smoothly.  Following the bankruptcy of Tee-Comm. it looked likely that the project would collapse.  What actually happened -  ExpressVu was launched on the 10th September 1997 to provide service to the existing customer base.  Ownership of ExpressVu was taken over by Bell in 2000 and the ExpressVu name was changed to Bell TV in August of 2008.

How Does it Work - The satellite signal is sent up to a  geostationary satellite.  The signal is then relayed back to satellite dishes located on the customer's property.  In order to receive the satellite signal the property, in Ontario, Canada, must have a clear view of the Southern sky.

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