Friday, April 13, 2012

Am I already going to record that on my PVR

Bell TV (satellite) PVR Model Receivers (5100, 5200, 2900, 9200, 9241, 9242) can be set to record programs using the PVR, Create TImer for New Episodes option.  The downside is you may not know you have a recording scheduled and you may be wondering "Am I already going to record that on my PVR?"

The Daily Schedule Page displays a list of programmes that are scheduled for recording within an 8 day period, The usefulness of this information becomes apparent when multiple people want to record tv shows and avoid recording conflicts.

The conventional route to the Daily Schedule screen, via your remote :
  • Press the PVR button
  • Select Schedule from the right hand column 

  • OUR TIP -  Press the PVR button twice
If you have an iPhone and want to schedule program recording on your PVR when you're away from home no problem use the
Bell PVR iPhone App

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