Monday, January 10, 2011

CES 2011 - 5 Top Trends

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011, which was held in Las Vegas, is a showcase for the manufacturers to announce, display and demonstrate the latest in electronics.  Some products were distributed prior to the show for testing, some products are still being assembled and some products already have been surpassed.  Our pick for Top Five Trends for 2011 :

1. Pads, Readers, Palms and Tablets
This market is growing, competition is fierce - useful apps, processing speed and media functions will determine the winner.  Multi functionality is one consumer demand manufactures dare not ignore. Ahead of the pack at CES 2011 - BlackBerry Playbook.  Loaded with business apps it is sure to be a success with business managers and office workers in companies of all sizes.  Dual Core processors provide ample multi function capacity. The BlackBerry Playbook also displays flash and runs full desktop versions of programs.

2. Smart Phones for Gamers
Many mobile phones have touch screen controls, so taking a cue from the PS3 Phone (the Sony Playstation Phone) expect to see slide out game controls in place of slide out alpha numeric key pads.

3.  Mini Projectors
In response to consumer demands that their smartphone do more, both RIM and Apple are offering mini projectors. Speculation strongly suggests that  iPhone5 will include a Pico  projector. The Rim BlackBerry Presenter is to be offered as an accessory for BlackBerry smart phones, using Bluetooth technology once connected to a monitor or projector.  Of course stand alone mini projectors are being developed by other companies too.

4. Wireless Charging Pads
No more jumbled up wires or cords. Put the electronic device (mobile phone, smartphone, camera, gaming controller, mp3 player, pad or e-reader) on to the battery charging mat, pad or charger zone.  WildCharge (UK and Europe only at present) and Powermat both use device specific sleeves. CES 2011 saw the debut of the ElectroHub which requires a special battery to be used in place of the devices own.

5. 3D and Multi Media
Imagine your TV displaying 3D images, now image it using 2D input and converting it to 3D output, then add the capabilitiy to download apps.  ON a smaller scale the new Sony Vaio F series laptop converts 2D to 3D on the fly too.  Gamers haven't been left behind either - Nintendo 3DS renders 3D without the need for special glasses.

Also worth noting:
Coming soon to your remote control a Netflix button.
LG have incorporated their Pen Touch technology into Plasma TVs and business boards.

LG Pen Touch Multi Board

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