Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Channels - Bell TV - 23rd May 2013 (Speed and CTV Edmonton)

With effect 23 May 2013 these channels have been added to Bell TV

SPDHD - Speed HD (Sports)
Satellite Channel 1413

CTVEH - CTV Edmonton HD
Satellite Channel 1121

These Channels have been renamed:

Canal D: CAN-D (Satellite Channel 129) now D
Canal View: CAN-V (Satellite Channel 135)  now VIE
MusiMax: MUSMX (Satellite Channel 142) now MX
MusiquePlus: MSQPL (Satellite Channel 141) now MP
MusiquePlus HD: MQPLH (Satellite Channel 1876) now MP HD
Series Plus: SERIE (Satellitee Channel 132) now S+

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