Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 5 Technology Movies - ICT North's List

The 83rd Oscars were lacking in  sci fi movies this year.  ICT North blog's top 5 technology movies are :

1.  Hitchhicker's Guide To The Galaxy 
The Earth destroyed, traveling through the universe with a towel our hero's make One big discovery coincidence is no coincidence.

2.  Matrix
Real, imagined or a continuous loop.  Every day routine for 'Neo' will never be routine.

3.  Tron 
Back in 1982 computers were "New Technology"  This movie explains how a computer works and it's vulnerabilities.  Worth watching for the graphics, it doesn't matter if you are viewing Tron Legacy (2010) or the original version.

4.  Transformers
Who doesn't want a car that's a robot that's a car.

5.  The Terminator
Protecting the future from within the past, complete with a cyborg that you definitely want on your side.

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