Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan News - Survivors found after 9 days

Nine days after the earthquake and tsunami swept through Japan trapping a 16 year old, Jin Abe, and his 80 year old grandmother, Sumi Abe. in the kitchen of their two storey home in Ishinomaki. Had they been trapped in any other room they might have died.  There was food in the fridge and they were able to eat this to keep them alive.  Eventually Jin managed to clamber onto the roof the house and he cries for help were answered. 

Japan still has many people who are unaccounted for. You tube person finder launched a few days ago to help survivors connect with their loved ones. The special channel features video recordings made by people in the shelters - messages for their families to let them know where they are.  The recorded messages are being broadcast on TV channels across Japan.

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