Monday, May 9, 2011

Apps to help find your Stolen or Lost smart phone

That moment when you realize that your mobile phone is either lost or stolen is not a pleasant one, these tacking apps are worth installing :

1.  BlackBerry:
     Available at the BlackBerry App World - The Phone Locator
     Does what it say will show you the location of your phone.

2.  iPhone:
    Available via iTunes - Find My Phone  
    Locate your phone, phone locking and the
    capability to remotely wipe data from your
    iphone or iPad.

3.  Android Models:
     Available from iTag - iTag
     Locate and lock your phone.
     Back up and wipe your personal data.

4.  Windows Phone7:
     Available as part of
     a Windows Phone 7 Account
     Log in to locate your mobile phone.

TIP -  When purchasing a mobile phone take out a Care Plan,  for Bell Smart Phones, too

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