Saturday, June 11, 2011

Game of Thrones (Online via Bell TV)

Game of Thrones (HBO) first series is now almost at an end.  From the opening shots of the frozen north, realistic locations, matter of fact lifestyles of the characters and the introduction to the major houses power players  the viewer is drawn into a world of hidden agendas, lies and loyalties.

The episodes closely follow the first book, Game of Thrones,which is one of seven in the series,  A Song of Ice and Fire, written by George R R Martin.  Due to the richness of the plot the first episode seemed slow. Partly because as characters were introduced information about their backgrounds, which will later become crucial to the power struggle, was also being revealed. Also because the viewer needs to appreciate that the necessary cruelty and veiled threats are not only expected as a survival mechanism but are subtle displays of strength.

The locations - Winterfell and the Wall to the north, King's Landing to the south and Pentos across the narrow sea in the east are portrayed believably.  Visually they have been shot to capture the essence of the lands and how it effects the life for the residents of each location.

The characters are strong and the actors are well suited to their assigned roles.  The children deliver their parts well and from the beginning gain the viewers sympathy.  The children, who are being groomed  for future roles of power, for the most part have very little say in their fate.

The four story lines become the backdrop for the coming years when myths become real, past wrongs are righted, ancient grudges avenged and for some getting what you wanted isn't so great after all.

Don't worry if you didn't catch all or none of the episodes, you can watch them all online, if you have a Bell TV account and an HBO subscription.

Watch Game of Thrones online

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