Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bell TV MPEG2 to MPEG4 Receiver Swap

Today sees the start of the Bell TV High Definition MPEG2* receivers being replaced by MPEG4 models*. This change will decrease the amount of bandwidth required to output better quality images.  This more efficient broadcasting capability will also allow Bell TV (satellite) to launch up to 43 new single definition channels.  
Benefits for subscribers:
  1. Lower bandwidth
  2. Quicker downloads
  3. Better picture quality
  4. Space on the satellite for more TV channels

As it is impossible to swap all the receivers at once, replacement receivers are going to be shipped directly to the subscribers home.  In most instances subscribers will be able to do the swap themselves.  Full instructions and a box for subscriber's  to return their old receiver(s) will be provided by Bell TV.

*MPEG stands for Motion Picture Experts Group and the numbers indicate the type of compression.  
   MPEG2 uses a lossy compression standard resulting in a smaller file size and very little difference 
  visually from the original image.
  MPEG4 compression results in a much smaller file size but High Definition quality image output.

*Phase I runs to 11th Decemnber 2011. 
   Phase II runs form 11th December 2011 to 31July 2012.
   No receivers will be sent for exchange during the winter holidays.

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