Monday, January 30, 2012

ChargeSAFE Project - preventing laptop to floor damage

When using a laptop with the power cord a big fear is the charger/power cord becoming entangled with either an object or a person and the laptop getting dragged to the ground.  The ChargeSAFE project provides the solution to this problem.  A connector that disconnects your power/charger safely whilst leaving your laptop at it's current location.

The only thing worse than seeing your laptop slam to the ground are the heart stopping moments when you pick it up and assess the immediate damage.  Even then there's no guarantee that the laptop well perform as it should.

Jeff Gamelsky and  Pierre-Andre Mugnier are the designers and developers of ChargeSAFE, they are currently looking for funding and hope to start production in June 2012.  If you think this is a worthwhile project why not Help Fund the ChargSAFE project

Apple® laptops have had the Magsafe® system for years, which uses a magnetic breakaway connector to attach the power/charger cord, which has long been the envy of laptop users.

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