Thursday, January 5, 2012

ICT North's Top 10 Dystopian Movies, the future is not so bright

It has been suggested that the world will end in 2012, these movies set in the future depict mankind restricted and demoralized. Luckily there is always one free thinker prepared to make a stand.  Here's our list, in date order,  of ICT North's top 10 dystiopian movies :

1.  Metropolis
Directed by Fritz Lang in 1927, the science fiction film portrays life above and below ground in the luxury city of Metropolis.  The difference between the extravagant lives of the managers and the harsh conditions endured by the workers prompts Freder, to confront his father Joh Fredersen, Metropolis's founder. Freder becomes involved in the workers struggle and becomes the long awaited mediator who will bring about necessary reforms.  The movie was remade in 2001.

2.  A Clockwork Orange
Directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971.  Violence for fun is Alex's routine until he is enrolled in an experimental violence aversion therapy and returned to the world in which he can now be a victim in the damaged society he helped to create.

3.  Logan's Run
Directed by Michael Anderson in 1976.  Once you're 30 years old your will be terminated. Logan is the terminator but as his time to die nears he decides there must be more to life. Run Logan Run.

4.  1984
Directed by Michael Radford in 1984. Big brother is watching making it difficult for Winston
and Julia to escape the drudgery of their life.  In a world where word meanings are changed
and history is re written will anyone discover the truth before the Thought Police find them.

5. They Live
Directed by John Carpenter in 1988.  Special sunglasses allow Nada see the world as it is complete with subliminal messages that control the population and government officials who are aliens.
6. The Matrix
Directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski in 1999  Neo, a software engineer finds out that reality is not real, the truth is protected at all cost and now that he is aware he must stay ahead of his pursuers to unravel the deceptions he encounters on his path to enlightenment. 

7. Equilibrium
Directed by Kurt Wimmer in 2002.  The population are submissive thanks to  the drug Prozium.  Individuals who don't take their Prozium can be identified by their show of emotions and participation in sensory experiences, so of course the authorities must seek out and punish the law breakers.

8. V For Vendetta
Directed by James McTeigue in 2005. The totalitarian future in Britain provides the backdrop for a young girl Evey to discover the truth about herself and the society she lives in.  Together with a masked vigilante, V,  who captures the underlying mood of the nation  and  inspires the citizens to revolt. Thus freeing the people from corrupt leaders and their severe social policies.

9. Children of Men 
Directed by Alfonso CuarĂ³n in 2006.   Julian is carrying the first child for 27 years.  Theo keeps the mother to be safe, till she can reach sanctuary and the child is born giving hope of a future back to mankind.

10. 2081
Directed by Chandler Tuttle in 2009.  Everyone is equal and to ensure it stays that way everyone is handicapped to prevent anyone from taking advantage of their natural talents. Harrison Bergeron's one act of defiance changes the mundane lives of those around him as they learn to appreciate freedom and begin to understand that diversity gives meaning to their existence. Note - Harrison Bergeron, a made for TV movie was aired in 1995.

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