Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bell TV March 2012 Free Preview Channels

Free previews on Bell TV (satellite) for March 2012
as per Channel 271 of the Bell TV online satellite guide,
Free Preview Channels are :

Disney Junior
Satellite Channel 189
Fibe TV Channel 189
From 20th Feb  to 9th March

Satellite Mlle Channel 194
Fibe TV  Channel 194
Until 14 March 2012

Satellite Yoopa Channel 144
Fibe TVChannel 150
Until 14 Mar 2012

W Movies
Satellite Channel 333
Fibe TV Channel 333
Until 31st March 2012

Fight Network  
Satellite Channel 388
Fibe TV Channel 388
Until 31st March 2012

Wild TV
Satellite Channel 389
Fibe TV Channel 389
Until 31st March 2012

GOL TV Canada
Satellite TV Channel 404
Fibe TV Channel 404
Until 31st March 2012

WFN World Fishing Network
Satellite Channel 419
Fibe TV Channel 413
Until 31st March 2012

Satellite Channel 578
Unit 31st March 2012

Satellite Channel 864 Standard Definition
Satellite Channel 1835 High Definition
Fibe TV  Channel145 Standard Definition
Fibe TV Channel 1145 High Definition
Unit 29th April 2012

Satellite Disney XD HD 
Channel 1648
Ends 31 May 2012

ABS CP (ABC Spark and ABC Spark HD)
Channel 560 and 1650 in HIgh Definition. 
Free preview in effect until June 30th 2012

Channel 271 of the Bell TV online satellite guide, has the free channel listings
Channels are Standard Definition unless specified as High Definition.

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