Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lost In The Woods Facing South. The solution.

If you have you seen The Discovery Channel snippet about being lost in the woods :
If you find yourself lost in the woods, stand a stick in the ground.

Mark the end of its shadow with a stone. 
Wait 10 minutes – the shadow will have grown longer.
Mark the new end with another stone.

Stand with the first stone on your right and the second on the left.
Congratulations now you are lost in the woods facing south.

The solution to finding your way home or being found is solved by the free Spot Connect App for iPhone, iPad (iOS 3 or later) and iPod touch owners.  The App "turns your smartphone into a satellite  communicator and one way text messenger."  Once the smartphone is paired with Spot Connect users can send GPS location based emergency communications or messages to predetermined recipients.  Custom texts can be typed and sent directly or the user can select from a pre defined list of 14 messages, popular choices include:
  • Check-in/OK 
  • SPOT Assist
  • Help
  • SOS
  • Track Progress (automated function)
Messages, via the satellite link, can be relayed to a maximum of 10 groups (each group may contain up to 50 contacts).  Spot Connect service is designed to work in remote   locations: wooded areas, mountain regions, off shore and out on the lake.  Sent texts are delivered to email, Mobile phone SMS (simple message service) or GEOS Rescue Coordination Center (Emergency Response Center).  

Price Point: $180 plus taxes 

The Discovery Channel: 
Bell TV satellite channel 520 (standard definition), 1602 HD 
Fibe TV in high definition on Channel 1523

Photo Credits: 
Spot Connect
Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net "Forest" by dan

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