Monday, July 9, 2012

DNS Changer Malware information and help

 Today many computer users found that web pages they routinely go to had been replaced with pages that were of no interest to them.  This substitution of destination is a direct result of the DNS Changer Malware*  Regular readers will no doubt recall that we advised Bell Customers (Is DNS Changer Malware hidden in your computer) about the this threat and what action to take back in April this year.

What DNS Changer Malware does

     When you type in a website name your computer looks for the Domain Name on the internet, when a match is found it is  Served back to your computer and the web page you requested opens.  An infected computer redirects your request to a server that contains domains (web sites) that the creators of the malware own.  

     The websites that are opened on your computer are not the ones you asked for and are often passable fakes of real website. The difference being any information you enter on the website may be captured and used for criminal activity and if goods are purchased payments will go into the criminals account and thy will also have your credit card or banking details AND your valid password.

How does the DNS Change do this

The switch is possible, on an infected computer, since the boot instructions have been amended. Unfortunately, reverting back to an earlier back up of the computer operating system will not correct the issue.  The malware will reappear when your computer boots up.

How to fix a DNS Changer infected computer

We could continue explaining about the malware and  how to remove it but The DCWG (DNS Changer Working Group)  have this subject covered in great length.  More importantly they have outlined the steps to take to remove the DNS Changer Malware.

*Domain Name Server

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