Thursday, July 12, 2012

Satellite TV 50 years Old today (12 July 2012)

Satellite TV is 50 years old, the first broadcast via satellite signal beamed down from space on the 12 July1962.

Telstar 1 launch Image Credit: NASA
Telstar 1, was a  collaboration between Bell Telephone laboratories, AT&T and NASA,  launched on the 10th July 1962.  Transmission of the first satellite tv signal and program broadcast  occurred two days later.  

The satellite began to malfunction 23 November 1962 , was turned off and then re activated on the 4th January 1963.  Telstar 1's onboard electronics finally failed  21 February 1963.  

Telstar 2 was launched 7th May 1963 and was in operation until May 1965.

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