Thursday, February 14, 2013

And there's more (Free previews on Bell TV that is)

February 2013,  extra Bell TV and Fibe TV channels on free preview for subscribers:

New Tang Dynasty
Fibe TV channel 727
Until 25 February 2013

Caribbean Entertainment Everyday Network
Fibe TV channel 661
Until 28th February 2013

Disney Junior (French)
Bell TV  Satellite TV channel 189
Fibe TV  channel 151
From February15th 2013 until March 15th 2013

French children's (3 - 9 yrs) channel
Bell TV satellite channel 144 and 1874 (HD)
Fibe TV channel 152 and 1152 (HD)
From February15th 2013 until March 15th 2013

Teletoon Retro
English Bell TV  channel 599
French Bell TV  channel 186
English Fibe TV channel 566
French Fibe TV channel 154
Until 3rd April 2013

Specialty French youth channel
Bell TV  Satellite channels 140 and 1870 (HD)
Fibe TV channel 150 and 1150 (HD)
Until 3rd April 2013

These channels are in addition to the previously advised Bell free preview channels and these Additional channels that you can view for free on Bell TV Feb 2013

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