Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bell TV Dual Tuner Remotes, Green and Blue Tabs

To set you your Bell TV (satellite) Dual Tuner Receiver Remotes we advise that you assign a unique remote address number to each remote.  To do this.  Remote 1 (Green bottom tab) should be left as is.  This remote is an Infra Red remote should be used to control your main receiver and tv.

The second remote which has a Blue Tab is a UHF Pro (Ultra High Frequency Pro) model and should be used to control a secondary tv set, which is located in another room of your home.

By assigning each remote a different remote address enables the remotes to work independently preventing actions with one remote to affect both televisions.

To Change the Remote Address for Remote Control 2 (Blue Tab)

Press System Info button on the receiver's front panel
Make a note of the current remote address, as shown on screen

Via  the remote 

  1. Press and Hold the SAT button
  2. When all the MODE buttons (Sat, TV, PVR, AUX) light up,  LET GO
  3. Enter a new remote address number ( 1 - 16) via the number pad
  4. Press the # Key (bottom right) 
  5. MODE light SAT will flash 3 times
  6. Note down the new remote address number
  7. Press RECORD 

Check the number on screen matches your new remote address number

Press SELECT to exit the System Info Screen


It is possible to change the remote address for Remote Control 1 (Green Tab) using this method also.
Next Step - How To Program the Remote to Control your TV

 TIP  -  The procedure is easy but will go faster with two people, one reader and one doer.

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