Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bump your photos to your computer

One question we encounter, here at ICT North, is how do I download my photos from my mobile phone. If you already have the Bump App we have great news for you.  The app has been updated to allow the transfer of photos from your smartphone to your computer.  The original Bump application that enabled transfer between smart phones (iPhone or Android) of contacts, apps, music and photos now can share to your desktop or laptop via the Bump web interface. 

The transfer process is easy, install the app, bump to another smart phone by bumping the phones or to your computer by bumping the spacebar, just confirm to complete the process.  Photos are transferred to Bump's website and can be dragged, dropped to your harddrive,  shared to social media sites or via a url, that you create, to friends and family.

Bump App for iPhone
Bump App for Android
The current Bump App allows sharing : "Your own contact information, including your social network pages; photos; and other people’s contacts." - source Bump FAQs

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