Friday, May 25, 2012

Canadarm 2 and ISS ready to capture Dragon

The Dragon capsule is to be captured by ISS astronauts, Donald Pettit and Andre Kuipers, using Canadarm 2 at approximately 8.06 am 25th May 2012, however, NASA today stated that berthing will not occur until 10 or 11 am EST.  

ISS and Dragon Currently over Australia
Live coverage of the Dragon capsule capture on Nasa TV
Mission control, space station and capsule views  

Live Tracking of the ISS and Dragon Capsule 
See where they are in relation to the earth and each other. 

When they are wihnin 30 meters apart in a hold position berthing will commence.

SpaceX Dragon Launched 22nd May 2012 and is the first commercial supply capsule to service the International Space Station.

At 9.56 am EST 251 miles above northwest Australia history was made when the capture procedure was successful.  SpaceX, NASA, Canadarm 2 and the ISS made the six year project a reality.

Donald Pettit :  "We got us a Dragon by the tail."
Houston:  "Well done Don."
Elon Musk: "My goal is to open up space and make it something that the average person, if they save up a lot, can travel to."

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