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Are you ready to watch the London 2012 Olympic Games

The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games is on FridayJuly 27, 2012.
In Ontario the time difference is five hours.  An event taking place at noon in the UK will air at 5pm EST (4pm EDT in Toronto).  In order to watch events without staying up till all hours we recommend a Bell HD PVR  as this can be programmed to record by event name, time or sport  type.  This model of high definition receiver features pause, rewind, replay and stunning picture quality.  Couple all this with the ability to watch recordings when you're ready to watch the London 2012 Olympics and your sure to have a superior viewing experience on your HD TV.

Olympic Events will be broadcast, in Canada,
on these Bell TV Channels


Channel 201   CTV-H  
Channel 205   CGTV-M
Channel 212   CTV-T      
Channel 221   CTV-NO   
Channel 225   CTV-W
Channel 229   CTV-O      
Channel 235   CTV-R
Channel 237   CTV-L 
Channel 239   CTV-E
Channel 243   CTV-C      
Channel 249   CTV-S
Channel 250   CTV-V
Channel 1011 CTVHH      
Channel 1031 CTVMH      
Channel 1011 CTVHH     
Channel 1051 CTVHT   
Channel 1091 CTVHWH      
Channel 1108 CTVRH
Channel 1132 CTVHC
Channel 1151 CTVHV

Asian Television Network:

Fibe TV Channel 814 ATN Bangla - Bangali
Fibe TV Channel 821 ATN MH-1 - Punjabi
Channel 702 ATN Channel - HIndi (FIbe TV 811)
Channel 704 ATN Alpha ETC - Pumjabi (Fibe TV 818)
Channel 705 ATN Java TV - Tamil (Fibe TV 824)
Channel 728 ATN ARY Digital - Urdu (Fibe TV 826)


Channel 400  TSN
Channel 401  TSN2
Channel 401  TSN-M 


Channel 123 RDS (1880 HD, 1123 Fibe TV)
Channel 192 RDS2 (1881 HD, 144 & 1144 Fibe TV)
Channel 124 RDS Info (1124 Fibe TV)


Channel 1414 Sportsnet World (1420 Fibe TV) 
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1405 Sportsnet Ontario
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1406 Sportsnet East
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1407 Sportsnet Pacific
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1408 Sportsnet West
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1409 Sportsnet One
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1436 Sportsnet Vancouver
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1437 Sportsnet Edmonton
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1438 Sportsnet Calagary
Bell TV and Fibe TV Channel 1439 Sportsnet Ottawa


Channel 215  OMNI 1 
Channel 216  OMNI 2
Channel 254 OMNBC


Channel 411 OLN

Vtele channels

This channel list may be subject to change, please check the online guide

27 July - 12 August  2012 for event coverage details.
London Olympics on You Tube

Photo Credit: London 2012

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