Monday, May 28, 2012

Nest Learning Thermostat to be sold by Apple

Back in October the the AI, Nest Learning Thermostat caught our eye as an innovative product to watch.  A recent iLounge article states :
iLounge has learned that Apple will soon offer the Nest Learning Thermostat
for sale through the Apple Store

The product which was designed by Tony Fadell (creator of the iPod hardware) is already availavle at select Lowes stores in the US.  The unit learns your temperature preferences as you make adjustments.  The Auto-Away function, once activated, remembers, when you typically go to bed or leave your home, and turns cooling or heating settings down so you are not wasting energy.  Since your Energy History is a recording of all the actions you take Nest will adjust the temperature to a comfortable level ready for your arrival back home.

An energy report will show you how you are using energy and give you pointers on more efficient use.  The settings can also be accessed via a mobile phone app.

Each hour of saving you make is represented a a green leaf, over time users learn to make energy saving adjustments that earn them more leafs are represent real savings on their heating and cooling bills.

We are looking forward to the day when Nest gets Canadian approval.

Suggested US retail price : $249

Update: July 2012
Nest Thermostat available at Lowes Canada

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