Monday, June 18, 2012

Best 3 Ways To Avoid Heat Stroke

Beware Heat stroke can sneak up on you

Our technicians work outside in many varied weather conditions.  In summer there are several conditions that can be harmful to our staff.  It is not always the obvious things (bees, hot surfaces that could burn,  scratches from branches) that can cause the most harm.   One danger to be aware of is Heat Heat Stroke. It is natural to lose moisture from the body in summer but on hot humid days* the body may not be able to evaporate enough moisture to effectively cool the body.

The most positive indicator of heat stroke is that the body stops sweating and skin feels dry and hot.
Other symptoms that may be present are disorientation, sickness and a throbbing headache .  If you experience any or all of these symptoms you should move into the shade, loosen your clothing, rehydrate with cool water and call for medical help.

Feeling tired, weak, dizzy, nauseous or sweating excessively are all signs indicating the onset of heat exhaustion which if ignored will become heat stroke.

Here are out Best 3 ways to avoid heat stroke:

1.  Wear loose, light coloured clothing made from a cool fabric ie. Cotton, bamboo etc.

2.  Drink cool water, roughly Two 500ml bottles of fluids an hour. 
       (avoid drinks containing caffeine or alcohol as they will dehydrate you.)

3.  Take frequent breaks in the shade.

Over 29 degrees with high humidity

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