Friday, June 15, 2012

Watch Nik Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls on Bell TV

The last time the Niagara Falls officials allowed a tightrope act was in 1896, history is about to be made.  Nik Wallenda is set to make the 1,550 feet walk over the falls, this evening, at 10.20pm ET. 

Nik will be starting out from Terrapin Point on the American side and will walk across to the Table Rock Center on the Canadian side of the gorge.  Event coverage beings with "Countdown to Niagara" and is followed by "Megastunts" the live coverage of the 30-40 minute tightrope crossing 173 feet above Horse Shoe Falls. 

On Bell TV tune to these channels to catch all the action:

CTV H  Channel 201
CTV-M Channel 205
CTV-T  Channel 212
CTVNO Channel 221
CTV-W  Channel 225
CTV-O  Channel 229
ABC-E  Channel 281
CTVHH Channel 1011 HD
CTVMH Channel 1031 HD
CTVHT Channel 1051 HD
CTVWH Channel 1091 HD
ABCHE Channel 1201 HD

CTV-R  Channel 235
CTV-S  Channel 249
CTVRH Channel 1106 HD

CTV-E Channel 239
CTV-C  Channel 243
CTVHC  Channel 1131 HD

CTV-V  Channel 250
ABC-W Channel 288
CTVHV Channel 1151 HD
ABCHW Channel 1211 HD

Nik Wallender in action, previous tightrope walks

Update: "I'm not carrying anything over, I promise,"  is what Nik Wallenda said to the Canadian border agents who stamped his passport and welcomed him to Canada following Nik's completion of the Niagara Falls tightrope walk.  The high wire walk began at 10.15pm ET 15th June 2012 took 25 minutes to complete and has placed Nik Wallenda's name in the history books.

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