Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top Five Father's Day Gifts 2012

Stuck for Father's Day ideas, here's our top 5 gifts for 2012:

1. Case for iPad, Tablet, e-Reader

Dad probably bought one when he first got this iPad, Table or eReader, chances are that it has got scuffed over time. New designs and materials are being developed all the time to offer better protection and usability and you have to admit it's more original than a tie.  Our choice Logitech iPad Keyboard Case.

2.  Game Of Thrones Items

Lots of choices means there's something for every budget.  Tee Shirts, mugs, books, Boxed DVD sets.  Don't take our word for it have a look at

3.  HD PVR (Bell TV)

Ok we'll pretend it's for dad, even though we know everyone will love it. Easy to operate and with fully customizable favourites lists finding the programs you want to watch is fast.  Schedule the programs you want watch or record for later viewing. See what the fuss is about with a Bell HD PVR Receiver.

4.  TEF TEE Golf Tees

Not just any old golf tee, buy dad one the will improve his drive range. The Tef Tee has been proven to increase driving distance by 6.5 yards or more. If you were going to buy golf tees anyway compare the Tef Tee advantage.

5.  IGrill

We know dad loves to BBQ, we also know how important it is to him to cook everything just right.  The iGrill communicates with iPod touch, iPhone or iPad app and will alert you when food is cooked the correct temperature. iGrill thermometer available at the Apple Store

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